• Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

UGANDA, Masaka | Real Muloodi NewsThe State House Anti-Corruption Unit has busted a racket of suspected fraudsters who are accused of engaging in rampant land grabbing in Masaka District and neighboring areas.

The gang of fraudsters, which includes Vincent Masiigi, an alleged State House impersonator, are accused of using fake court documents from the Masaka Chief Magistrate to unlawfully acquire land and property.

Two of the primary suspects in the case, Masiigi and Godfrey Ssekamanya, were arrested on May 3 and appeared before the Masaka Chief Magistrate, Sylvia Nvanungi.

The charges against the pair include intermeddling with the property of the deceased, forgery, uttering false documents, malicious damage to property and conspiracy to defraud.

While Masiigi and Ssekamanya admitted to one charge, they pleaded not guilty to eight others that were related to land grabbing.

During the hearing, both Masiigi and Ssekamanya admitted to destroying coffee plantations belonging to families in Luzinga and Samaliya villages in Nyendo-Mukungwe Division, Masaka city. However, the court deferred passing sentence until the State could present photographic evidence. The duo were remanded to Masaka Central Prison until June 6.

The court also issued fresh arrest warrants for four other suspects who are still at large, including Denis Lukanga, Moses Ssenyimba, Christopher Kisubika (also known as Toofa), and Ndagire Namanda.

According to court records, in March 2023, the suspects, without legal authorisation, divided the kibanja of the late Yafesi Kateregga at Samaliya village in Nyendo-Mukungwe Division, Masaka city.

Using forged letters of administration with intent to defraud, they also targeted the estates of the late Kalema Abiyaza under the names of Lukanga, Ssekamanya, Ssenyimba, and Ndagire.

The group faces a total of nine charges related to uttering false documents, malicious damage to properties, and conspiracy to defraud, among others.


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