• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

UGANDA, Mbarara | Real Muloodi News | In May 2019, the cabinet of Uganda granted Mbarara a city status which took effect on July 1, 2020. With a population of 195,013 as of the 2014 census, Mbarara in the western region of Uganda is the second-largest city after Kampala.

City planning is a priority of Mbarara leadership. Proper city planning not only gives a beautiful look to an urban area, it also enhances accessibility and spatial interaction.

Adequate street addressing systems are an essential part of city planning, and have a quantifiable impact on the master plan of the city at large. A proper address system makes it easy to locate residents and businesses, which can be used by the people themselves, government officials, and other service providers.

As part of Mbarara’s city planning, the Mbarara city council has embarked on renaming and naming over 400 old and new roads and buildings. The process started after the city council approval of the guidelines to rename and name the roads and buildings in August.

The city currently has a road network of 3,596 km, of which 507 are district feeder roads and 3,117 are sub-county community access roads. 139.5 km of feeder roads are in good condition, while 365 km are under routine maintenance.

The roads have names, such as Bananuka Road, Golf Course Road, Wilson Road, Damulira Road, Rwizi Road, Rwemigina Road, Bishop Stretcher Road, Constantino Road, Kabaale Road, University Road, Bishop Willis Road, Bona Road, Independence Road, Ntare Road, among others.

Simon Mugisha, a business person on Garage Street, had no issues with renaming the roads but cautioned against names that could offend the residents.

After approval by the city council councillors, the council marked the first step in the renaming process as identifying names to assign to improved roads following thorough consultation with the residents in the areas.

The unique nature of the road and the name source with preference to local history are some factors to be considered during the renaming process. But indigenous names, early explorers, pioneers, settlers and other iconic persons, flora and fauna, are considered.

According to the city mayor, Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi, the naming of roads and buildings allows proper planning and makes them easily accessible to the people and visitors.

A proposed form was developed for persons who desire their names on private or public roads. To be considered, they must complete an application, says Richard Mugisha, the Deputy City Clerk.

Richard adds a budget is still underway, but the plan is to utilise local revenue if funds are sufficient for naming and renaming the city roads and buildings.

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