• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Mbarara Council Leaders at War as Tycoon David Buryo is Involved in Land Grabbing

UGANDA, Mbarara | Real Muloodi NewsMbarara City North Division has divided into two groups after allegations arose that city tycoon David Buryo is grabbing the Kyarwabuganda land, which is well known as government land.

According to sources, tycoon Buryo fraudulently bought this land for USh350 million when it is worth more than USh2.5 billion. Buryo is believed to have purchased this government land with a person named Rodgers Akankwasa, who supposedly transferred it to Buryo unlawfully without the authorisation of the council’s leadership.

Councillors brought up the Kyarwabuganda land problem and gave Division Mayor Gumisiriza Kyabwisho the job of getting Division Chairman of the Lands Committee and Division Town Clerk to step aside for a probe into the Kyarwabuganda land issue.

The two officials, according to councillors led by Nicolaus Nuwagaba, are aware of the sale of Kyarwabuganda land to the tycoon. Nuwagaba says they have been absent ever since the land dispute began, yet they are the ones in charge of all Division lands.

Two caveats have since been placed on this land. The first caveat was issued by Mbarara City Council in collaboration with the RCC office, and the second by former LC3 Chairman Benon Mugume, who acted as the concerned citizen in this matter.

According to Mugume’s caveat letter, which was sent through his attorney Kaganzi & CO-ADVOCATES, it is Mugume’s responsibility to protect public lands and prohibit the registration of any individual as the proprietor or transferee of the aforementioned estate or interest until after notice of such registration has been given to him at the address below, unless such instrument has been specifically stated to the object of his claim.

Mugume says that the leadership of the Mbarara City North Division was complicit in the land grabbing.

However, Mayor Kyabwisho denies the claims that the division leaders colluded with Tycoon Buryo to deal with Kyarwabuganda’s land.

He says that the alleged land grabbers arrived at night, examined the entire area, and processed a land title right away.

Mayor Kyabwisho says that as leaders, they took the proper actions to put a caveat on the land title and are currently working to get it revoked.

The caveat that was placed by Benon Mugume as a concerned citizen, Image source: Red Pepper

“I regard all the allegations that Mbarara City North Division Council leaders are in connivance with land grabbers as malice and false information that is intending to tarnish our reputation as leaders. But what I know, the people who were targeting to grab this land of Kyarwabuganda had put huge amounts of money but they failed before and later they became guilty and now they are influencing some group of my councillors to disorganize my council. It is well known that some of these councillors were bribed, compromised by some of my components to confuse the public,” Mayor Kyabwisho said.

“Actually it is the reason why some of these councilors came to the council and asked me to force my Town Clerk and the chairman area land board committee to step aside claiming that they knew about how this land is being grabbed. My councilors are only being used, politicking around and dealing with mafias. I will not be influenced by any person or be forced by anyone to chase the town clerk or the chairperson of land board committee when there is no evidence,” Kyabwisho added.

He disclosed that he is disappointed with security which has not supported the council in fighting against these land grabbers. He revealed that the people, who are trying to grab this land own UPDF guns, but because they are dealing with some UPDF officials, they are untouchable.

Councillor Nicholas Nuwagaba explained that the reason he wanted the Mbarara City North Division Chairman of the land board to step aside was that some of these documents and forms were filled sometime back when Kakika was still a division, and he was the chairman of the land board.

“I was also disappointed by our mayor to come up and defend the chairman of the land board that his signatures were forged, how could that happen? We cant allow government land go like that, we must hold them accountable if Kyarwabuganda land is taken,” Nuwagaba added.

Kyarwabuganda’s land area is around 43 hectares with a health centre (3 Kyarwabuganda), a trading centre, two dams (including the Byasiina dam), two boreholes, and other resources that benefit the community.


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