• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

UGANDA, Jinja | Real Muloodi News | Minister for the Presidency, Milly Babalanda, has issued a stern warning to Busoga Resident District Commissioners (RDCs), Resident City Commissioners (RCCs), and their deputies regarding their involvement in illicit land deals.

The Minister expressed concern over reports that some RDCs and their counterparts engage in corrupt practices by seeking “facilitation” from both sides before handling land conflict disputes.

During the closing of a two-day training workshop for RDCs, RCCs, and their deputies in Jinja City, Babalanda emphasised that her office will investigate these allegations through public barazas in various districts.

While she admitted not having evidence at hand, she urged the officials to exercise caution and uphold their responsibilities without compromising their integrity.

The Minister further highlighted the collaboration between land grabbers and judicial officials, which has resulted in violent evictions.

However, she reminded the RDCs and RCCs that they possess the authority to intervene and halt such evictions, as directed by the President.

Babalanda expressed concern about the alarming number of land-grabbing cases in the Busoga sub-region, which have tragically resulted in the loss of life.

Specifically, she mentioned the involvement of Jinja City and the Jinja District Land Committee in these illicit activities.

These entities are accused of leasing land and issuing new land titles on Custodian Board property, even after the expiration of existing leases.

In response to these revelations, Minister Babalanda directed the Jinja RCC, Darius Nandinda, to conduct an investigation and submit a report to the Anti-Corruption Unit.

Nandinda, however, dismissed some of the allegations as mere claims, particularly those related to issuing land titles on Custodian Board property.

Solomon Baleke, the Deputy RDC of Namayingo, commended the workshop for equipping officials with the necessary skills to effectively address land disputes within their communities.

The training workshop also attracted Regional Internal Security Officers and District Internal Security Officers, who were encouraged to collaborate closely with Busoga RDCs and RCCs in monitoring government projects.

The aim is to ensure transparency and prevent corruption in the implementation of these projects.


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