• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Moroto Leaders to Offer Land for Regional Stadium Construction

UGANDA, Moroto Real Muloodi NewsMoroto District officials have agreed to give the National Council of Sports (NCS) land to construct a regional stadium.

After an official request by NCS Gen. Secretary Dr Bernard Ogwel in December, Moroto District Speaker Ceaser Akol and Moroto District Chairperson David Koriang affirmed the pledge.

According to Akol, the district council fully supports sports development and moves through with identifying land for the regional stadium and following the required processes.

The Council, according to Akol, will take a leadership role in finding the land, but the entire leadership is supportive.

Moroto Sports Officer Nelson Angi praises the initiative, stating that such facilities contribute to the development of the sports industry. He emphasizes that the community should regard sports as a sector supported with resources and facilities to develop talent.

The National Council for Sports has not specified the size of land required. However, they did urge Karamoja districts last year to begin investing in local sports to compete in national and international tournaments and view sports as a viable business that might employ more people.

Following the donation of land by local governments, the government is now constructing regional stadiums.


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