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Most‌ ‌Exclusive‌ ‌Suburbs in Uganda: Muyenga

UGANDA, Muyenga | Real Muloodi News | Muyenga is home to the upscale community that sits on a hill that houses several prominent government agencies, malls, hospitals, schools, and restaurants. 

Muyenga, also popularly known as “Tank Hill”, stands at 4285 feet above Kampala and is also one of the highest points in the city. The hill also offers fantastic views of Lake Victoria and the city.

It hosts several well-known non-governmental organizations and is home to many diplomats, well-to-do Ugandans, and international residents. The Diplomat Hotel in Muyenga provides arguably the best view from Kampala.



View from Kampala Forest Cottages, a restaurant in Muyenga. Source: Agoda

Muyenga is an upper-middle class residential area in Makindye Division, one of the five administrative divisions of Kampala. It is only 8kms from the central business district. 

The area is known to be secure, clean, and traffic-free. According to a resident living in Muyenga, the roads have no congestion.

Another resident of the area, Sharon, explained “What I know about Muyenga is it’s very secure and the other thing is you may live there for so many years and never get to know your neighbours. There are people of all ages, not only the retired and old, as most people think.”

Speaking about what makes the area attractive, Benjamin Sebusolo says that “what used to and still makes the place attractive are attributes like its view of the lake, the quiet neighbourhood and the fact that it was near the water reserves.”

Shopping and Amenities
La Grand Chez Johnson Hotel, Muyenga
La Grand Chez Johnson Hotel, Muyenga. Image Source: Agoda

Muyenga has close access to countless supermarkets such as Italian Supermarket, TMT Supermarket, and a 15-minute drive to Garden City and Oasis Malls on Yusuf Lule Road. There are two upcoming malls in the area, Mukwano Hill View Mall, on Tank Hill, and Arena Mall, Nsambya, a 10-minute drive from Muyenga. Arena Mall is a 14,000 square meter shopping centre under development at the moment. 

The hill also has excellent access to health care facilities equipped to international standards, including the International Hospital Kampala

Real Estate
Mixed use property to rent CL268, Muyenga. Image Source: Knight Frank

The home styles in Muyenga range from colonial to modern, spacious houses. There are relatively more bungalows, standalone houses than apartments. According to Ashley Abroad, Muyenga is one of the best places to live in Kampala. 

For commercial spaces, a lot of NGOs and international organizations have turned huge houses into office spaces. 

Price Range

According to Knight Frank’s 2018 Kampala Market Report, the cost to purchase a four to five bedroom Bungalow on 0.25-0.5 acres in Muyenga averages USD $250,000 (USh 889m). Whereas a two-bedroom apartment will cost on average USD $120,000 (USh 426m), and a three-bedroom apartment USD $180,000 (USh 640m).

Land in Muyenga sells for $47-$68 per square metre (USh 167k to 242k).

For rental returns, the average two-bedroomed apartment will yield USD $1,200 (USh 4.2m) per month, and a 3-bedroom USD $1,850 (USh 6.5m). A four to five bedroom bungalow will yield on average $2,500 a month (USh 8.8m). 

Who is buying?

Expatriates and well-to-do Ugandans are now returning with foreign money. According to a broker, Kenneth Kargaba “Those that mostly buy houses there are people working abroad who save money and come back and buy already finished houses.”


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