• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala Real Muloodi NewsH.E. President Museveni has banned land evictions that have become rampant countrywide, without the approval of the local District Security Committees (DSC).

The President issued stringent directives to that effect exercising his powers under Articles 98(1) and 99(1) of the Constitution, which empower him to guarantee good government and defend the Constitution, in a letter to Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja on February 28, 2022, to prohibit any evictions that the DSCs disapprove.

The President directed that: “No eviction should be allowed to take place in a district without the consent and direct observation of the District Security Committee (DSC), chaired by the Resident District Commissioners/Resident City Commissioners (RDCs/RCCs) and direct consultation with the Minister of Lands.”

H.E Museveni said if this is not done and the illegal evictions go ahead, the members of the District Security Committee will all be held responsible, and action will be taken against them.

However, this excludes the UPDF representatives who may not know the substance of the issues involved.

The President requested His Lordship, the Chief Justice, to prevail upon the Justices and Magistrates in the same communication “violate the Constitution by illegally evicting people in collusion with land grabbers”.

He further directed the Minister of Lands to inform the Attorney General about such abuses by judicial officers to take legal action against them.

Lands officials, including Judith Nabakooba and the State Land Minister, Sam Mayanja, have tried to deal with the issue of land evictions. Still, since the problem is widespread, only the tip of the iceberg has been touched.

Minister Sam Mayanja has recently moved around the country asking potential victims to resist any land grabbers.

Call 0 800 100 004 to report cases of illegal Land evictions, incidents of corruption and bribery; delayed land transactions, general poor service delivery and absenteeism within the Lands Ministry.


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