• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Hoima | Real Muloodi News | The National Building Review Board (NBRB) has halted renovation works on two buildings in Hoima City for noncompliance with its regulations.

The suspension comes after a two-day investigation by the board’s Compliance, Enforcement & Legal teams in the city centre.

Outlived Life Span

According to Herbert Zziwa, the Board’s communications manager, one of the affected buildings located along Old Tooro Road was undergoing renovation despite having outlived its life span.

As a result, it posed a significant risk to the would-be occupants. The NBRB is mandated to monitor building developments and ensure they comply with safety regulations.

Prohibited Building Method

The other building site had been using the steel and timber composite building method that the government prohibited in September last year.

The developer was found to be in breach of the regulation, and the renovation work was subsequently suspended.

Functions of the National Building Review Board

The NBRB is responsible for overseeing, inspecting, and monitoring the operations of building committees.

The board also ensures that building designs and constructions adhere to safety and environmental standards.

Moreover, NBRB plays a crucial role in enhancing building safety, promoting innovation in the construction industry, and improving the overall quality of buildings in the country.

The NBRB’s action to suspend renovation work on the two buildings in Hoima is an essential step in ensuring that building safety and environmental standards are upheld.

The NBRB’s mandate is critical in promoting the safety of building occupants, and the suspension serves as a warning to other developers who may be flouting safety regulations.


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