• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | The National Resistance Movement (NRM) is struggling countrywide with rent arrears for their offices. NRM has therefore established a subcommittee to gather data about outstanding rent arrears by its offices to solve this issue. 

The Director of Communication, Mr Emmanuel Dombo, claimed that the money NRM allocates to them is insufficient and said, “At the NRM, a subcommittee headed by the deputy national treasurer, Ms Jacqueline Kyatuheire, will compile the details about the outstanding rent arrears so that the top management can consider that report once they submit it.”

 The Current Situation in Districts:
  • Busoga sub-region: According to Kamuli District NRM administrator, NRM cleared rent arrears last year in December. 
  • Jinja and Kaliro: NRM Offices have nine months of arrears.
  • Luweero District: The Luweero District Office has not paid debts since June 2018. As a result, the landlord evicted the party.
  • Masaka: NRM offices are in a building, and the landlord has offered it to NRM rent-free. However, NRM offices in Greater Masaka are on the verge of getting evicted.
  • Kalangala: NRM offices in the former Internal Security Organization office accommodate the NRM youth office with no rent arrears.
  • Arua District: NRM offices utilise the Uganda Cooperative Union, which has saved them from paying rent.
  • Yumbe: The landlord evicted the party due to rent arrears, and currently, the party is operating without offices.

However, despite the dreadful situation in some districts, other areas have it under control. For instance, in the Bugisu sub-region, the Sironko District party chairperson, Sulaiman Mafabi, constructed a party office and claimed that: “As a loyal NRM cadre and staunch supporter of President Museveni, when I realised that the party had no office in Sironko District, mobilised personal funds amounting to about Shs250m and set up an office which was officially opened by President Museveni in 2014.”

Yet, disappointment among some district leaders was apparent. The Yumbe District NRM chairperson in Yumbe, where the party operates without an office, is unhappy. He said that the party does well during elections, but after elections, they don’t bother.

Mr Majid Aniku, the Yumbe District Chairperson, said: “We love the NRM (party) but are disappointed by the Secretariat’s failure to pay rent. It is better to secure land and build our own office to be on a safer side.”

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