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UGANDA, Buziga | Real Muloodi News | NTV property show host Edwin Musiime exhibits that people become what they do daily. You can’t lead a whole weekly TV show about real estate properties in Uganda, and not build a stunning home for your family.

Well, Musiime made it happen and shares the exciting story behind the build of his model house. Edwin Musiime built his charming home on only 12 decimals in Buziga. He planned well for his space. Musiime’s mega pad of three floors has a guest room, a gym, a children’s room, his bedroom, office space and a prayer room.

Twelve decimals are smaller than a 50×100. Despite the small space, the classy house has a compound, an open garage that can host at least two large cars and two self-contained staff quarters.

Edwin Musiime
Musiime showcases beauty in his house. Image source: My wedding
How it all Began

Musiime grew up in Buziga and later rented there. The land he bought, Musiime recalls, had no access road, so he negotiated with his neighbours to access the land that would later host his home.

Musiime supervised the construction, which helped him get his dream house reasonably.

“When people supervise projects on the phone, many things can go wrong. Site supervisors leave sites for side gigs.”

Musiime says he installed a slab more than once.

“I almost gave up after the first slab, it had been expensive – 450 bags of cement, but I had a dream,” he says.

However, through his social network, Musiime knew where to get good deals for materials and bargains on cement, pavers or even iron sheets.

“When we evaluated the house, it was close to a billion shillings but my network with brands, I got good bargains and discounts,” he added.

Planning for the Space

His company, Homex Uganda, created the initial design, which he supplemented with Top Touch, another architect firm, for his dream to come true.

“As a person who is building the house, you cannot leave everything to the engineers, you must also get involved,” he says.

On 12 decimals, he wanted the house, some green for life, a parking lot and workers’ quarters. The architect said achieving what he wanted was going to be difficult, “but I am a guy of faith, and I believed this was doable.”

Mr & Mrs Musiime enjoying their new home. Image source My wedding
A Hotel in a Home

Musiime says he loves the refreshing feeling in hotels, so he wanted his house to feel like one. Having visited Morocco and Dubai frequently, cultures from these countries inspired his interior.

The house has two art installations with a great Marrakech design feel. The non-wall room divider gives off a holy place feel, draped in white, yet the rest of the house reassures you it is a home.

Because he used professionals, he got some ideas about the house at a cheap cost. For instance, the 3D wall panel installation protrudes from the wall without taking lots of space at USh150,000.

Musiime’s interior design was inspired by Morocco and Dubai cultures, countries he has visited several times. Image source: My wedding

Musiime used local materials and professionals in his construction journey. His modern kitchen shares space with a dining room, while just outside it, there’s a balcony with an outside kitchen for foods that cannot be prepared in a modern setup.

He boasts of some incredible artworks. Some are of his family, while others are bible or spiritually inspired. The mirrors add freshness and surprise to the rooms. He thought every feature out from the gate, wall cladding, interlocking grass pavers, and 3D wall panel interior made the house breathtakingly beautiful.

Musiime’s house has a guest room, children’s room, office space, prayer room, and master bedroom that he refers to as the presidential suite. All rooms are self-contained, with a toilet for visitors.

He says the reason for having one general bedroom instead of one for boys and another for girls is “children eventually grow up and leave. You don’t want to be old and the house has become too big for you.”

Moving into His House

According to Musiime, his house is a model home for his NTV Property Show. On the day he moved in, Musiime says he felt different; “For over a week, I could not sleep. I was pacing up and down, not believing I was finally in my house,” Musiime recalls.

His mother and the associate used to taunt him that, without a house, he was not yet a man. It encouraged him to build a home for his family.

He believes once one buys land, they should start construction immediately.

“The mystery is in the beginning, just begin and grow slowly with your project.”

Edwin Musiime’s Career Life

Musiime is the host of the Property Show on NTV that airs every Sunday evening. He is also the chairperson of Homes and Property Expo Uganda and the chief executive officer of Crest Group, a real estate management and development company. 

When asked what would he change if he had to start over? Nothing, he replied.

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