• Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

UGANDA, Hoima | Real Muloodi NewsThe China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) has given 56 resettlement houses to project-affected persons (PAPS) in King Fisher Development Area, Hoima.

This happened at the officiating function, where the State Minister for Mineral Development, Peter Lokeris thanked CNOOC for the job well done in handing over the resettlement houses to the project-affected persons according to the legal requirements and international best practices.

“The handover of the resettlement houses is a big milestone regarding the oil and gas projects as it signifies that the EPC Contractors can access the project acquired lands without encumbrances giving assurances of meeting the schedule for First Oil in Q2 2025,” Mr Lokeris said.

What the Project Affected People Had to Say

Robison Oketcha, a representative of the PAPs who received a house, said that his new home was a big upgrade and improvement from his old mud house. He narrated that as the project affected persons, they were given the option of cash compensation or house resettlement, and he was happy that he chose to be resettled.

Another beneficiary was Okumu Laina Jaulusse, who was given his house key by the State Minister for Mineral Development, Peter Lokeris.


Uganda discovered oil in 2006 in Lake Albert, 40 km west of Hoima town. By 2010, international oil companies such as China National Offshore Oil Company were in Hoima, and the construction and improvement of relevant infrastructure, like roads, commenced, including, the Central Processing Facility, drilling camp, well pads, infield flow lines, spoil areas, access roads, safety buffers and the feeder pipeline. 

However, some people residing in these areas were affected by CNOOC’s land acquisition during this oil project, which is why they are being compensated by building houses for them elsewhere through resettlement and others were given cash compensation as their choice.

As of now, the oil project has implemented four resettlement action plans below; 

  • Legacy Resettlement Action Plan with 61 Project Affected Persons for the Escarpment Road.
  • Resettlement Action Plan I with 31 Project Affected Persons for the Central Processing Facility and Well pads.
  • Resettlement Action Plan II with 680 Project Affected Persons for the Feeder pipeline, Infield lines, and access roads.
  • Resettlement Action Plan III with 16 Project Affected Persons for the buffer zones, the central processing facility and well pads.

Specifically, for this round, Zack Lubega, the Head of Corporate Affairs at CNOOC, reveals that the houses being given out to the PAPs fall under Resettlement Action Plan I and Resettlement Action Plan II.

He said that the project was able to identify physically displaced PAPs based on the eligibility and entitlements matrix as designed in the Resettlement Action Plan.

“A total of 56 resettlement units, inclusive of two institutional toilets for a school and a church, spread across 3 sub-counties of Kyangwali, Kabwoya, Baseruka and of 5 parishes of Buhuka, Kwangwali, Butoole, Kaseeta and Kabaale in Hoima and Kikuube districts were officially handed over today,” Mr Lubega said.

Compensation has also been evaluated and provided to households primarily in the project area. The houses handed over to the project affected persons comprise 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 outdoor kitchen, a VIP latrine, rainwater harvesting equipment and solar power.

Project Affected Persons
The houses comprise 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 outdoor kitchen, a VIP latrine, rainwater harvesting equipment and solar power. Image source; Ug Reports

Mr Ma Peixin, the Vice President of CNOOC Uganda, thanked the project-affected persons for trusting the company and emphasised the company’s commitment to ensuring a win-win relationship between the local community and the company.

“This was a testament to the commitment CNOOC Uganda Ltd has to fulfil its obligations and continued operation according to national and international best practices and guidelines especially the IFC standards,” Mr Ma gave the assurance.


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