• Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

UGANDA, Kyotera Real Muloodi News | As police probe allegations of fraud involving a 285-hectare piece of land in Kyotera District, a senior official has reported that files containing information about transactions on the contested land have gone missing.

The saga began after Uganda Land Commission granted Matia Matovu and Kalori Lwanga a lease for plot 845 at Kasoga, Kakuuto in Kyotera District. The two gentlemen allege that after acquiring the lease on the land, they since learnt that new persons were also registered on their certificate of title, along with them.

Mr Matovu and Mr Lwanga allege that Seven other people were fraudulently registered on their title, and that the inclusion of the other people occurred without their consent.

Mr Matovu took his complaint to the police, accusing the seven persons of illegally acquiring registration on their land. Those accused are Aloysius Kazigo, Vicent Muwonge, Betty Wanyana, Nulu Muyoganyi, Tekera Kabuzi, Waliggo Kamuzata and Yunusu Lubega.

On December 13, police issued a formal request to Rakai District Land Board for certified copies of documents regarding the land in dispute as part of the police probe investigations into the allegations. Requested documents include Land Board minutes, applications for lease, inspection report, notice of public hearing, a letter to the commissioner for land registration to prepare for the title and any other relevant documents to facilitate their investigations.

Four days later on December 17, Mr Edward Kamya, the secretary to Rakai District Land Board, responded to the police request with a letter addressed to the Commandant of Land Protection Unit of the Police. In the letter, Mr Kamya advised that all efforts by his office to retrieve all files have failed, the requested files have gone missing and his office is therefore unable to provide information regarding the transactions on land.

“However, it is my humble promise that we are going to continue searching and just in case we land on one, we shall not hesitate to communicate to you,” reads Mr Kamya’s letter. Mr Kamya is also the acting district chief administrative officer of Kyotera District.

Through his lawyers, Mr Matovu claims that he has lodged several complaints and demands to the seven persons in vain and instead they have continued to trespass on his land.


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