• Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

UGANDA, Omoro Real Muloodi News | President Museveni has pledged to complete the late Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah’s multi-billion mansion at his ancestral home in Lalogi Sub-County, Omoro District.

The President’s pledge comes after Oulanyah’s bereaved family requested help from the Government to complete the home so that the last vigil can be hosted at the house on the eve of the former Speaker’s burial. It has been confirmed that he will be laid to rest on Friday 8th April, next week.

Therefore, the UPDF engineering brigade is working around the clock to expedite the construction of Oulanyah’s unfinished two-storeyed mansion.

Frank Mugisha, the project coordinator of Gada Engineering Company, the firm initially contracted to construct the mansion, says that the construction progress was greatly affected by the death of their contractor, Oulanyah. However, his engineers are working alongside the UPDF team to speed up the completion ahead of the deceased’s burial.

Omoro District Chairperson, Douglas Peter Okello, says that the engineering brigade is making steady progress. The team prioritised finishing the part of the building holding Oulanyah’s body since it arrived yesterday, April 1st.

Oulanyah’s family, together with clan elders, had resolved that the body shall be laid at the residential home next to the graves of his mother Keren, and first wife Dorothy Nangwale.

Oulanyah's Villiage Mansion
Oulanyah’s multi-billion mansion. Image Source: Twitter/Uganda Correspondent
Oulanyah's Villiage Mansion
Oulanyah’s multi-billion mansion. Image Source: Twitter/Uganda Correspondent
Oulanyah's Villiage Mansion
Oulanyah’s multi-billion mansion. Image Source: Kampala Sun
Oulanyah's Villiage Mansion
Oulanyah’s Villiage Mansion. Image Source: Twitter/Uganda Correspondent

Hon Oulanyah was flown to Seattle in the United States on February 4th, 2022 for treatment of an unspecified illness. However he died on March 20th, 2022. He has been described as a man of impeccable character.

Since the announcement of his death, meetings have been held concerning his honourable send-off.

While meeting the greater North Parliamentary forum representatives at the Statehouse in Nakasero on Thursday last week, President Museveni also committed to paying school fees for Oulanya’s children and supporting his dependents.

Judith Alyek, the Lango Parliamentary Group chairperson, confirmed the President’s commitment. The late Jacob Oulanyah was supporting over 150 learners in schools at all levels. The names of all the children who were depending on Oulanyah will be submitted to the government.

‘Regarding the issue of the children that the late speaker left behind, the president pledged to help them see that their future is good …’ said Judith Alyek.

She also confirmed that the President committed to completing the construction and giving a facelift to Oulanyah’s multi-billion building in his village in Omoro District.

The President’s generosity has relieved the deceased’s family and all his dependents who had lost hope.

The President, however, declined to grant the wishes of the representatives of the greater North, who requested that the vacant position of speakership be ring-fenced for Northern Uganda since the deceased’s position was rewarded to him and the region.


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