• Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

UGANDA, Wakiso | Real Muloodi News | The Principal Judge of Uganda, Dr Flavian Nzeija, has been implicated in a contentious land dispute, as locals have complained about him to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit.

The petitioners, represented by FX Ogwado and Company Advocates lawyers, accuse Dr Nzeija of engaging in acts of conflict of interest and influence peddling about a land matter involving minors seeking to reclaim their property.

The petitioners, namely Peter Kyeyune, Herbert Katta, and Philip Ndugga assert that they, along with their late father Solomon Kamya, are joint proprietors of the land in question, located at Busiro block 44 plot 214 and 227 in Nkumba-Wakiso.

They argue that the land was registered on June 25th, 1997, when they were all still minors and lacking the legal capacity to enter into contracts.

The dispute arose when the siblings decided to divide the land equally among themselves in 2020.

During a search, they were shocked to discover that Veronica Kaihura had fraudulently registered herself as the owner on March 21st, 2002, and May 22nd, 2003, despite their father’s passing and their minor status at the time of registration.

The petitioners question how deeds, agreements, or transfer forms were signed on behalf of their deceased father when they were legally unable to do so.

As the petitioners sought answers, they came across an undated agreement of sale purportedly involving their uncle James Mwambala, Joyce Nansubuga, Veronica Kaihura and themselves.

The petitioners alleged that the ones who signed the agreement knew their father’s death, yet it was witnessed by Dr Flavian Nzeija, who was practising as an advocate at Zeija and Co. Advocates at the time.

Taking action, the petitioners reported the fraudulent registration to the Land Commission, which conducted a public hearing and successfully cancelled Veronica Kaihura’s registration, reinstating the petitioners as the rightful owners.

They also filed a case for forgery and fraudulent registration against Veronica Kaihura at the Entebbe Central police station.

However, the police have not recorded a statement from the suspect, instead opening multiple cases against the petitioners and their labourer for criminal trespass, as requested by Kaihura, who has not recorded any statement herself.

According to the petition, an officer named Etyanga, who is investigating the matter, informed the petitioners that the Principal Judge closely monitors the developments.

In addition, Veronica Kaihura has initiated a civil case against the petitioners, exacerbating their predicament.

Seeking a fair resolution, the petitioners have turned to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, urging them to intervene and investigate the circumstances surrounding Dr Nzeija’s preparation and witnessing of an illegal, undated agreement between Veronica Kaihura and the minors, as well as their guardian who lacked the necessary legal authorisation.

They also call for an inquiry into Veronica Kaihura’s fraudulent actions and her subsequent prosecution.

The petitioners implore the Anti-Corruption Unit to utilise its powers to permanently restrain Veronica and Dr Flavian Nzeija from interfering with their enjoyment of the land.

They express concerns about impartiality from both the police and the courts, prompting their plea for intervention.

When approached for comment, Veronica Kaihura dismissed the allegations against her as baseless and declined further remarks.

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit will now determine the course of action regarding the accusations against the Principal Judge.


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