• Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

UGANDA, Kampala |Real Muloodi News | Property investment has traditionally been considered the best method to build wealth. The chaotic impact of COVID-19 on numerous markets has undeniably demonstrated that real estate can be one of the most dependable assets.

According to Clive Kefford, Managing Director and CEO of Jakana Heights Apartments in Kampala, while the commercial real estate sector experienced some pressure on short-term occupancies, the residential market maintained a stable investment option throughout the pandemic.

Jackson Emanzi, the Home Loans Manager, Housing Finance Bank, highlights, “Home values tend to rise over time, despite recessions and other disasters, and all signs are that home values will continue to increase in Uganda because of solid demand and low supply.”

The Upsides of Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment may lead to a considerable net worth over time since the properties an individual keeps increasing in value year after year, or at least every few years.

Real estate in itself provides a source of cash flow, equity growth, competitive risk-adjusted returns, and insurance against inflation.

Real estate can improve an investment portfolio by providing diversity and thereby minimising risk, whether investing in actual buildings or real estate investment trusts.

This industry frequently outperforms the stock market in terms of returns, with the added bonus of lower risks.

When it comes to real estate, the longer amount of time you keep your property reduces your chance of loss. When the market improves, so does the property value, and you build equity as a result.

Real estate investors also earn from rental revenue, appreciation, and profits from company operations that rely on the property.

Mr Kefford says his company identified Uganda as the best location to invest in since real estate has served and will remain an essential part of the Ugandan economy.

According to Mr Kefford, property in Kampala is a highly secure asset, with an expanding middle-class yearning for higher-quality accommodation. He claims that his focus has been on constructing properties that create the ideal home and suit the demands of people’s investment portfolios since the excellent quality ensures yields.

He also maintains that not everyone has on-hand funds to purchase a home or investment property entirely, but this should not limit investment. Down payments and home loans are easily accessible to help you get started with your venture. Consequently, residential real estate has become the most critical source of wealth and income for many people in Uganda.


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