• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

UGANDA, Wakiso Real Muloodi NewsResident District Commissioners (RDCs) have received a call to play an active role in guiding residents on land issues to prevent escalating conflicts and displacements.

Amb. Barbra Nekesa, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) national treasurer, emphasised the importance of ensuring that no one is unlawfully evicted from their land or kibanja without following the correct legal process.

She urged RDCs to mediate between conflicting parties or involve land officials to resolve disputes amicably. Nekesa questioned how people could be evicted without the guidance of RDCs, given their responsibilities of monitoring public services and chairing the district security committee.

“RDCs should make sure that no one is chased from the land or kibanja without following the correct legal process. Sit with the two parties or call land officials to solve the matters amicably,” said Amb. Barbra Nekesa, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) national treasurer. 

Nekesa’s remarks came in response to a report presented by Nsubuga Mayanja, the NRM chairperson for Nansana Municipality, highlighting the rise in land-grabbing cases in Wakiso District.

The report identified these land disputes as one of the major factors contributing to the NRM’s poor performance in the district during the 2021 election. Out of the nine Members of Parliament representing the district, none belong to the NRM.

The party’s candidate, President Museveni, won the general election nationwide but received significantly fewer votes in Wakiso compared to his opponent, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu of the National Unity Platform (NUP).

To address the challenges that affected the party’s performance, a mobilisation campaign and research survey were launched in the Wakiso District.

The aim of the exercise, which began last month, is to evaluate the implementation of the NRM’s manifesto and find lasting solutions ahead of the 2026 general election.

The event, held at Oil City on Thursday, June 8, gathered over 300 NRM leaders from various areas in the district, including Nansana Municipality, Nabweru Town Council North, Busukuma Sub-County, and Gombe Sub-County.

During the campaign, Amb. Barbra Nekesa, accompanied by other NRM leaders such as Godfrey Kiwanda and Rose Namayanja, urged residents to work closely with RDCs to address land disputes.

The mobilisation drive, focused on unity and reconciliation, aims to strengthen cohesion within the party and foster effective working relationships between the party secretariat and grassroots structures.

Namayanja apologised for internal conflicts within the party, emphasising the importance of unity and focusing on improving the lives of communities.

The NRM leaders expressed their commitment to proactively address people’s problems and mobilise citizens to participate in government programs aimed at enhancing livelihoods, such as Emyooga and the Parish Development Model (PDM).

Kiwanda emphasised the need to maintain unity and reconciliation within the party, highlighting its significance in positioning the NRM for the upcoming 2026 election.

The NRM plans to engage area MPs, NRM district executive committee members, RDCs, Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs), LC5 chairpersons, mayors, and councillors to regain political support.

Meanwhile, Wakiso RDC Justine Mbabazi urged local leaders not to interfere with the investigations conducted by RDCs, reminding them of the directive to establish community security committees that protect individuals and allow them to carry out their work without interference.

“The President gave us a directive to create a community security committee that can protect people so that they can do their work without interference,” she said.

With the guidance of RDCs, the NRM aims to ensure that residents in Wakiso and beyond can navigate land disputes through legal channels and find peaceful resolutions.

By engaging in active mediation and involving relevant land officials, RDCs can play a pivotal role in preventing forced evictions and promoting harmony within communities.

The party’s efforts to address challenges and foster unity lay the foundation for a more cohesive and successful future as they work towards the 2026 general election.


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