• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Real Estate Company Buildnet Battles Family for Kisugu Land

UGANDA, Ntinda | Real Muloodi News |  High Court Judge, Alexandra Rugadya Nkonge, issued an order following a land dispute between a family and real estate development company Buildnet, located in Ntinda. The two conflicting parties are battling for a prime land in Kisugu, Kampala.

The real estate company accuses Japher Kalule and his wife, Fauza Muwonge, of refusing to vacate a plot of land which the company says it purchased from the couple.

In their petition, Buildnet asks the court to remove a caveat on Block 244, Plot 1774 in Kisugu, which they say is their property. The company says it paid Mr Kalule USh 1.2 billion for the plot of land, on the understanding that it was Mr Kalule’s land to sell. Mr Kalule had earlier confirmed to the court that he had indeed received the money from Buildnet.

Mr Kalule said the land was his personal property, which he received from his father. However, Ms Muwonge claims it was a wedding gift to the couple.

After Mr Kalule sold the home, Ms Muwonge had a caveat placed on the property. Ms Muwonge said her husband had no right to sell the land without her permission, as it was their matrimonial property. Ms Muwonge further informed the court that they have young children who need that home.

Ms Muwonge also filed a second application seeking to block Buildnet from occupying the land.

In his order, the judge noted that since there are two different applications for the same case before the court, the complainant should amend it and combine the matters within a fortnight of the ruling and serve the amended plaint for issues coming out of the application MA No .52 of 2021.


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