• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Rising Number of Widows Seeking Refuge Sparks Concern among Police

UGANDA, Wakiso | Real Muloodi News | The police in Wakiso District have expressed alarm over the increasing number of widows seeking refuge and assistance at their stations.

Authorities attribute this surge to a rise in cases of land grabbing and illegal evictions in the central Uganda region.

According to Mr Samuel Okodos, a community liaison officer in the district, when widows lose their loved ones, their relatives often exploit their vulnerable situation to forcibly remove them from their homes.

The overwhelming number of widows seeking help and refuge at police stations has become a matter of concern for law enforcement.

Ms Bereta Nassali, an 80-year-old resident of Lukwanga Village, shared her experience of being illegally evicted from her home after her husband’s death.

Her house was destroyed, and she was left with nowhere to go except to seek assistance from the police. She also revealed that her in-laws had threatened her life.

However, she expressed gratitude to Redeem International-Wakiso, a non-profit organisation, for providing her with support and helping her regain access to her home.

Ms Hindu Nabiryo, another victim, praised the organisation for resolving a dispute between her and her uncle, who had attempted to seize her late father’s estate.

As an orphan without parental support, Ms Nabiryo found herself vulnerable to property disputes. With the intervention of Redeem International-Wakiso, she was able to protect her inheritance.

Ms Rukia Kikaziki, a resident of Matugga, shared her nine-year-long struggle in court to safeguard her late husband’s properties from being seized by his relatives.

She expressed relief after receiving assistance from Redeem, which ultimately helped her regain control of the land.

Mr John Ssejusa, a community development officer in the district, noted that as the number of widows increases, land disputes become more prevalent.

To address this issue, he emphasised the importance of proactive measures to prevent conflicts and protect widows’ rights before they become vulnerable.

Redeem International-Wakiso, a non-profit organisation, was established to safeguard the rights of widows. The organization aims to raise awareness about widows’ challenges and advocate for their rights to property ownership.

Alongside providing free services such as legal assistance, investigations, and psycho-social care, they also strive to defend the rights of orphans and promote awareness and action.


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