• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), has asked all tenants at Lotis Towers 6th Floor of the 14-level office Block on Mackinnon Road, Kampala to vacate after the building failed a crucial structure integrity test in response to the NBRB warning regarding the discovered cracks on one of the pillars on the sixth floor.

In a letter dated August 17, 2022, addressed to the proprietors of the building, Lotigo Properties Limited, Engineer Jacob Byamukama, the director of engineering and technical services at KCCA asked all tenants at Lotis Towers to vacate the building.

“You are expected to have all occupants vacated from the building pending a fit-for-reoccupation assessment and inspection. Should KCCA require additional testing of any structural element, you will be required to meet the costs incurred,” Byamukama said.

This came after, the National Building Review Board (NBRB) advised the safe evacuation of the Roko-built Lotis Towers on Tuesday, while the board performed a thorough structural integrity examination of the whole building to inform the subsequent steps to be taken.

NBRB officials confirmed that Roko Construction was attempting to remedy the defects, however, they had recommended KCCA Building Committee review and approve Roko’s remedial methodology.

Furthermore, the property owner has been ordered by the KCCA to produce a thorough incident report on the issue, its cause, and structural stability evaluation from a certified structural engineer.

KCCA also needs a planned method for correction of detected deficiencies, as well as an application for a building permit to carry out remedial work.

The Ministry of Works and Transport

Tullow Oil, Cairo Bank, and the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) offices are housed at Lotis Towers.

On August 15, the workers of the JSC informed the Ministry of Works and Transport authorities about what they thought to be a faulty column which had also bowed out by nearly a third of its original size.

According to the works ministry, a team from the Central Materials Laboratory has been dispatched to conduct structural integrity testing on the building before the contractor (ROKO) begins any repairs.

According to a statement from the works and transport ministry, in the meanwhile, the building’s property management has been asked to make measures to prop the slabs supported by the abovementioned column to restrict any possible dynamic loads produced by the operations on the floors.

In an earlier interview, Timothy Mubbala, the director of compliance at NBRB, said: “There is no way you can make repairs before the consultant instructs on what has to be done.”

The 11-story, the multibillion-shilling tower comprises two basement parking levels and overhang terraces. The building construction plan was authorised on February 19, 2015, and the occupation permit was issued in 2018.

Mubbala stated that numerous columns on basement level 1 had damaged portions.

“Some of those appear to have occurred way back, given that they were visible through the painted surface,” he said.

Samuel Lotigo, the Owner of Lotis Towers

Samuel Lotigo, a 51-year-old entrepreneur, was born and raised in the Koboko District of Uganda’s northwestern region.

He went to Yei elementary and secondary schools but subsequently decided to focus on his field of interest, business, after leaving school owing to a lack of expenses.

From his small-town paraffin merchant origins, he has grown into a successful multinational businessman with a wide range of commercial holdings.

He has worked for private sector organisations in South Sudan and Uganda and now serves on several boards.

The South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture has also had him as its chairman.

Lotigo has extensive economic ties to East Africa, particularly in the areas of hospitality, real estate, energy, and petroleum.

His Involvement in Commercial Real Estate

He is the owner of Lotigo Properties Ltd, the group’s premier real estate firm. The group focuses on creating luxury residences for affluent people.

The business has established itself in the real estate market with significant projects like the Lotis Towers, which are situated on Mackinnon Road in the exclusive Nakasero neighbourhood.

He delves into the hospitality sector and is the owner of Ropani Hotel in Kajjansi, a boutique hotel. It is an oasis off Entebbe Road on a  2-hectare property.

He is the owner of Ropani Tours and Travel Limited, which operates in Uganda, a developing nation with great unrealised tourist potential.

Other Business Ventures

He owns Ropani International Limited (RIL), a transport and supply chain business that has established itself as one of the top and most reputable providers and carriers of both different food and non-food commodities throughout South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

RIL received the Certificate of Best Performance in South Sudan’s transportation sector in 2014.

His foray into the energy sector is Loid Investments. This business was established in cooperation with the KK Group to pursue collaborative ventures in South Sudan and Uganda.

The business has invested in establishing South Sudan’s first pole factory and is expanding activities in the energy industry, transportation and supply, and real estate management.

His Generous Heart

Even though Mr Lotigo is married and has kids, he also takes care of a great number of less fortunate kids by funding a bursary programme.

He enjoys running marathons and is an athlete. He has been able to find and help young individuals who share his enthusiasm for sports and education through his businesses.

He has long-term intentions to launch comparable initiatives across the entirety of East Africa.


NBRB Orders Evacuation of Lotis Towers Building Over Signs of Failure