• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Spenah Beach’s John Asiimwe Evicted

UGANDA, Entebbe | Real Muloodi News | Peace was restored to the Spenah Beach area in Entebbe last week after Aviation Police were called in to supervise the eviction of the troubled beach owner, Mr John Asiimwe, so that his landlord, Mr Steven Kabuye may reclaim the property.

The two had been arguing about who owned the Spenah Beach property for several days before this.

The eviction, which was carried out on Thursday, October 27th,  was ordered by the court after a letter signed by Erasmus Twaruhukwa on behalf of IGP Martins Okoth Ochola the day prior, directed the Commandant Aviation Police to ensure that the registered landlord and/or his agents have unrestricted access, usage, and occupation of the premises.

During the eviction, Mr Kabuye’s lawyer, Mr Paul Kenneth Kakande from Alaka and Co Advocates, said he obtained a court order prohibiting Mr Asiimwe from interfering with the eviction.

“When we got that order we went to police headquarters and they cleared it. They wrote to the Aviation Police Commandant to enforce the High Court order. By that letter which was written by the Inspector General of Police which I have here, the police has come today to make sure that the registered proprietor takes full control of the property,” he said.

An injunction prohibiting Mr Asiimwe and/or his representatives from trespassing on the land was issued to Mr Kabuye by the High Court in Kampala Land Division, which was presided over by Assistant Registrar Simon Kintu Zirintusa.

According to Mr Kakande, Asiimwe, who has been renting the property for years, attempted to possess it by force.

“There is nothing left in the property belonging to the former tenant. The rest of the property is kept here in the container. The owner of the property is now protected by law and business is going on as usual. The situation is now calm. There is no threat of violence and we believe the situation will remain this way because court directed the registered proprietor to use his property without interference from any person and to enjoy quiet possession,” he said.

Mr Kakande stated that Mr Asiimwe, who owes more than USh200 million in rent arrears, will pay his client’s court-ordered expenses.

“We can’t ascertain now how much he is going to pay in costs for the two applications but there are accountants who are experts in that field who will compute and tells us,” he added.

According to Mr Steven Sebugwawo, the LCI chairman of Bugonga Village, the eviction exercise on Thursday went off without a hitch, unlike prior efforts when soldiers from the Uganda People’s Defence Air Force and Special Forces Command were sent to prevent Asiimwe’s eviction.

“The rightful landlord is going to take over their property after successfully ejecting the tenant who had refused to vacate the premises which they were occupying without even paying rent,” he said.


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