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UGANDA, Sentema | Real Muloodi News | The first 100 homes in the Sentema housing project from the Kingdom of Buganda are ready for occupation.

Mirembe Estate in Sentema, Wakiso District, was constructed following Buganda’s Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi’s instructions that the kingdom provide better homes for the people of Buganda at an affordable cost.

The deal to construct the homes was signed in December 2018 when Buganda Land Board entered into partnership with China construction firm Guoji Group, developers of the posh Mirembe Villas housing project in Kigo.

Challenges Along the Way

The project was beset by obstacles. Over 600 residents of Buganda land in Bukungulu Village, Sentema, lodged a protest on April 18 over fears that they would be evicted from the land without adequate compensation.

Dennis Bugaya, spokesperson of the Buganda Land Board, however, said that the concerns of Nakibuuka and others were unnecessary. Bugaya clarified that the Buganda Land Board was not evicting tenants, rather, was carrying out a registration exercise to enable them to pay due compensation.

“We allow all tenants around to register with Buganda Land Board. After registration, those who wish to work with Buganda Land Board will be incorporated in the project and those who don’t want will be fully compensated,” he said.

During the compensation exercise in July the following year, persons described as “fraudsters” struck. The Uganda Radio Network ran a report saying, “…opportunists illegally acquired huge chunks of land and are now asking for hefty compensations”.

Despite these setbacks Uganda Land Board prevailed, and Gonji Group has now launched the well-planned Mirembe Estates, delivering on Kabaka’s instruction to have low-cost houses for his subjects.

Today; An Affordable, Attractive, Well Planned Housing Estate:

Mirembe Estates is a 444 housing estate that occupies 55 acres, and includes a vocational school, industrial, health facilities, restaurants, shopping mall, and recreational centers, as well as security provided for residents. Guoji Group and Buganda Kingdom also partnered with Housing Finance Bank and Centenary Bank to offer mortgages to those who wish to purchase homes there.

The homes range from one-bedroom to three-bedroom fully furnished bungalows and, being aimed at lower income earners, range in price from 65 to 135 million shillings.

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