• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

UGANDA, Mukono | Real Muloodi News | Land grabbers have been put on spot for allegedly conniving with the police in Mukono District to destroy trees on private property in an apparent land-grabbing attempt. The 540-acre piece of land is in Mbiru Village in Buikwe District.

Mr Leonard Mutesasira claims he bought the land in 2012 from Nakayago Growers Cooperative Society.

He said, “I bought it in 2012, and I have been using it since then. I conserved and planted a lot of indigenous trees on it. “We will have an eco-resort on it, and the essence of having that eco-resort is to have forest therapy as one of the products we are offering to our clients. We also plan to have extensive hikes in the natural forests.”

However, Mr Mutesasira claims his dream and ambition to have an eco-resort is being threatened. Apparently, Mr Israel Serumpanyise also has a title for the same piece of land.

Mr Mutesasira argues that the police have been working with the land grabbers to destroy his property. He has accused Mr Serumpanyise of sending a group of people to destroy hundreds of trees on the land under the protection of the Counter-Terrorism Police.

He went on to say, “I sought the intervention of police at different levels but in vain. “I went and met the Regional Police Commander Christine Akoth, and she said the deployment was irregular.”

Mr Mutesasira also alleges his title was cancelled at the behest of Mr Serumpanyise. Since then, the Ministry of Lands has ordered all parties to stop any further developments on the land. Additionally, the ministry also said that Mr Serumpanyise’s title was in error. 

Unfortunately, there was no comment from Mr Serumpanyise.

The senior staff surveyor at Mukono Zonal Office, Mr Michael Kazibwe, wrote a letter to Atlas Consultants Limited. He claims there are multiple plot numbers and titles for land in the exact location in the system. The Ministry of Lands has contracted Atlas Consultants Limited to investigate double titling claims. 

Mr Kazibwe said, “whereas it appears obvious that all these plots occupy the same location, there is still an urgent need to conduct a joint boundary opening exercise on ground with all the parties present. A joint report will be forwarded to the Commissioner of Land Registration for cancellation of the titles.


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