• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

The Soroti High Court Ruling Ends Six-year-old Land Encroachment Battle

UGANDA, Soroti | Real Muloodi News The Soroti High Court has ordered Serere District local authority to pay a resident of Kamod Parish in Kasilo Sub-county USh320 million as restitution for encroaching on his 150-acre piece of land. The ruling ended a legal dispute that lasted over six years.

On Wednesday, June 15, Justice Henry Peter Adonyo, who presided over the case at Soroti High Court, decided that the district had built a cattle market on land owned by Kamod Parish resident, Mr Moses Omiat.

According to Justice Adonyo’s ruling, the district local government, Mr Stephen Ejangu, Mr Soustine Olinga, and two other people who trespassed on Mr Omiat’s land must pay USh200 million as compensation for trespassing, USh70 million as compensation for the destroyed mahogany trees cut down for an access road, and USh50 million as exemplary damages.

Oneka Ladwa and Co. Advocates and Ogire and Co. Advocates represented the defendants, and Ojok and Co. Advocates and Byamugisha Lubega Ochieng and Co. Advocates defended the complainant, Mr Omiat. 

The Genesis of this Trouble

The case began in 2016 when Mr Omiat, as the administrator of the estate of his late father, George William Amolo, sued 11 people for trespass on their ancestral family land.

Mr Omiat objected to how the district local government had moved the Kasilo weekly cattle market, one of the biggest cattle markets in Teso, onto his land. Part of the land has been used as the venue for the market, which had previously been at the Kamod Trading Center, while another portion of the land had been encroached on by the neighbours who had settled there.

The complaint’s attorney, Mr Julius Ojok, praised the court for enforcing justice.

“This case has gone through thorough prosecution processes in different court sessions presided over by four justices; David Batema, Musalu Musene, Henrietta Wolayo and Henry Peter Adonyo who all did an excellent job of delivering justice,” Mr Ojok said.


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