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UGANDA, Kampala Real Muloodi News | A master bedroom can be luxurious and suit-like and is typically the largest bedroom and one of the most important rooms in a house. The final touches or refinements of your master bedroom define how comfortable and convenient it will be before your preferences and taste.

Not only do you use your master bedroom to sleep and relax, but you ought to treat it as a luxurious master retreat where you can read, plan and maximise your overall serenity. Thus it ought to be a comfortable, good-looking and relaxing space.

Take your master bedroom to the next level by adapting the following refinements:

High-quality Mattress

The most basic need for a bedroom is sleeping but could be used for many other things. 

An average adult needs a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night though only a few people can attain this and most people fail because of the many commitments that life puts in their way. A new quality mattress is important in providing happier and healthier sleep.

It should be of the right size and good for your sleeping position. One will also need pillows, sheets, and a duvet among other things as complements.

Art and Ornamentation

Decorating the room makes it more of your own. Adding art pieces and exciting furniture is the way to go. A rug, a fun lamp and more unique décor make your bedroom look exquisite. 

Colours and textures that go well together should be used. Don’t be afraid of black. Try blue and white too. Mix antique and modern pieces, create a layered look, go bold with patterns and put wallpaper on your bedroom ceiling.

Curtains in the bedroom must be functional to maintain seclusion while also looking stylish. For individuals who want complete darkness, blackout curtains with thermal lining are the ideal option.

Summer curtains are perfect for blocking off bright sunlight. Layering them well will protect your privacy when pulled back. Cotton and linen drapes are easygoing textiles that reduce sunlight while allowing in a few rays.

While neutrals are suitable for every room design, double-height draperies, dynamic patterns, and jewel tones such as emerald, turquoise, and teal, among others, give excitement to the bedroom.

master bedroom
Amazing art and décor in a master bedroom image courtesy of Pinterest
The Lighting Should be Right

Lighting is essential when attempting to make the room look and feel nice. Lighting plays an important role in helping you relax and prepare for bed.

You need a bedside light to add a powerful punch of décor to your bedroom. Chandeliers, ceiling fans and pendants are all great choices for your master bedroom lighting.

Modern master bedroom lighting
Modern master bedroom lighting image courtesy of Master Bedroom Ideas
The Heart of the Room

At the heart of this space is the bed. The way you choose to arrange your furniture can have a significant effect on the style and mood. You can use a king or queen-sized bed in the centre of the room.

Space Utilisation

A luxurious bedroom should have ample storage to fit all wardrobe and other belongings. Adding a bedside table, a large or full-length mirror, a dresser, a suitable-sized bed, a small chest for jewellery, and other accessories will add glamour and functionality to your master bedroom.

In many cases, the master bedroom has a full bath and walk-in closet and is usually used by the homeowner. However, in some homes, that privilege is reserved for the elders.

A bedroom is your space, so make it reflect your personality, but remember comfort is vital, so optimise the design for relaxation.



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