• Sun. Jun 11th, 2023

Two Arrested for Theft of PDM Sacco Money in Luweero

UGANDA, Luweero | Real Muloodi News | Luweero District police have apprehended two individuals on charges of stealing USh21 million from the Kyetume Parish Development Model (PDM) Sacco in Zirobwe Sub County.

The suspects, identified as Brian Atulinda, the Chairperson of Kyetume Parish Development Sacco, and Charles Aturinde, the Secretary, both residents of Zirobwe Sub County, are currently in custody pending further investigation and court proceedings.

Luweero District Police Commander (DPC) stated that the suspects would face charges related to the theft of government funds.

While two individuals have been apprehended in connection with this case, investigations are still ongoing to gather more evidence and information.

Richard Bwabye, the Luweero Resident District Commissioner (RDC), revealed that the arrests were prompted by complaints from PDM beneficiaries who provided information about the alleged theft.

Upon their arrest, the suspects refunded USh7 million, but they will face legal action once their case files are complete.

Bwabye expressed concern over reports that some Sacco officials had asked beneficiaries who were entitled to USh500,000 to sign for USh1 million, indicating a clear abuse of the government program.

He further stated that investigations were also underway into other PDM Saccos that allegedly favoured individuals who were already well-off, neglecting the truly needy members of the community who require urgent financial assistance.

Luweero District is home to 101 registered PDM Saccos that are intended to benefit from the PDM funds. The District Commercial Office confirmed that 50 of these Saccos have already received and disbursed the funds to their member beneficiaries.

Each PDM Sacco is eligible to receive USh58 million to support local development initiatives.

The authorities are committed to uncovering any misappropriation of funds and ensuring that those responsible are held accountable.

Investigations into this case and other related incidents are ongoing as the authorities strive to maintain transparency and integrity in government programs.


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