• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | City businessman and property tycoon Peter Kamya, proprietor of Simbamanyo Estates Limited, has died.

According to his lawyer, Mr Robert Friday Kagoro of Muwema and Co Advocates, Mr Kamya died in a hospital in Nairobi, where he had been admitted days ago.

“He has been sick for some time. He was first admitted at Nakasero hospital some days ago before he was referred to Nairobi about two days ago,” Mr Kagoro said on Friday, December 2nd.

The lawyer hinted that Mr Kamya’s court battle to recover his estate had taken its toll on Mr Kamya’s health.

“When court stayed proceedings in the Simbamanyo estate case, it took a toll on him because we had hopes of winning the case and recovering his property,” he said, without elaborating further on the connection between the property dispute and his passing.

Unsubstantiated news reports from November 23rd claimed the tycoon had been admitted to a hospital in Kampala due to suspected poisoning, although it was not established if the poison had been taken by the victim either consciously or by an accidental overdose of prescribed drugs, or if the poison had been administered to him by malicious people.

“We have established that Mzee Kamya started feeling weak about four weeks ago. He was complaining about heavy stomach, chest pain and headache. After about a week, the situation worsened and this situation nearly torn apart the family. Some were for airlifting him for specialized checkup and treatment, whereas others insisted on keeping him round. The latter group won. After about two weeks, he was discharged in a fair condition,” the report claims.

Mr Kamya, an architect by profession, was the former owner of the high-end Ssimbamannyo House in Kampala (now the Gender and Labour House) and the Afrique Suites Hotel in Mutungo.

The businessman had been locked in a property battle with Equity Bank since 2020, with the Bank accusing Simbamanyo Estates Limited of failure to service a $8.1m (USh29.83b) loan facility.

In October this year, the Court of Appeal  temporarily halted proceedings in the case in which the company challenged the sale of mortgaged properties by the bank, pending the determination of the substantive application for stay of the same.

The court issued the express order stopping the Commercial Division of the High Court from proceeding in the protracted legal battle between Simbamanyo Estates and its managing director, mr Kamya, against Equity Bank Limited, Luwaluwa Investments Limited as well as Katende, Ssempebwa, and Company Advocates.


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