• Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | UgaVilla, a pioneering company in the real estate sector, is spearheading a movement to address Uganda’s long-standing housing challenges by providing affordable housing solutions using model homes.

Ugavilla has developed an affordable housing model,  building multiple townships within the outskirts of Kampala city and beyond. Central to their strategy is the concept of model homes, which is reshaping the way Ugandans envision their dream homes.

Model homes, also known as show houses or display homes, are showcase versions of houses in new developments.

These homes are carefully designed to demonstrate the living space and features available in the properties.

Equipped with full furnishings, appliances, and interior decorations, they allow prospective buyers to visualise the potential of the houses.

In some cases, builders offer the option to purchase a fully furnished model home.

Herbert Mutegeki, the CEO of UgaVilla Development Company Limited, emphasised their commitment to constructing over 10,000 housing units for police officers, with a focus on socio-economic transformation. This ambitious endeavour aims to address the pressing housing shortage in Uganda, driven by rapid urbanisation, population growth, and limited resources.

Model homes have become a crucial link between the aspirations of Ugandans and the reality of affordable housing. By showcasing functional and well-designed homes, they bridge the gap between dreams and attainable living spaces.

Mutegeki further highlighted UgaVilla’s dedication to environmentally friendly practices, ensuring that the construction process enhances, rather than disturbs, the natural environment.

The company is mindful of sustainability and aims to contribute positively to the overall ecosystem.

To provide a wide range of housing alternatives at affordable prices, UgaVilla has forged partnerships with credible land vendors, strategically acquiring land within suitable price ranges and scope. This approach allows them to offer discounted prices and cater for the diverse needs of Ugandans.

The introduction of model homes by UgaVilla brings hope to the thousands of Ugandans who have long struggled with inadequate housing.

By providing affordable and well-designed housing options through their visionary approach and commitment to sustainability, UgaVilla aims to transform lives and contribute to the overall development of Uganda’s housing sector.


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