• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

UGANDA, Naguru | Real Muloodi News | Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) celebrated its 30th anniversary yesterday on 15th September 2021, with the launch of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

The theme for the launch of its CSR activities was “Believe there is Good”. One of the first activities ahead of the celebrations included donations to China–Uganda Friendship Hospital in Naguru.

Naguru General Hospital, also known as China–Uganda Friendship Hospital, is on Naguru Road in Nakawa Division, Kampala district. The general hospital’s current bed occupancy is at 110 per cent.

Dr Emmanuel Batibwe, Executive Director at the hospital, explained that: “Although the hospital has over the years transformed from a small facility at the level of Health Center II, they have remained squeezed on a five-acre piece of land donated by the Kampala Capital City Authority.”

The hospital is transforming into a national referral hospital, and expects to specialise in trauma healing and emergency services.

To mark its 30th anniversary, URA staff supported the hospital by cleaning the premises and donating 20 admission cots, a 200-seater tent and 150 plastic chairs. In addition, URA also contributed personal protective gear and assorted equipment worth 50 million shillings.

Dr Emmanuel Batiibwe was delighted by URA’s initiative and said: “I want to thank URA for choosing us. These donated beds, for example, will help us and the tents too will help us as we go on vaccinating Ugandans against Covid-19.”

In addition, URA and its other stakeholders will also contribute a motorboat to Bwama Primary School in Kabale, which will help students move across from Lake Bunyonyi.

During the occasion, John Musinguzi, Commissioner General, URA, explained that: “URA management gives a chance to its employees to contribute their labor to local causes that can also result in meaningful team-building, shared personal values and act in unison towards a great common goal. It is this spirit of developing value-driven programs that have helped grow philanthropic efforts of URA to even deeper roots.”

Mr Musinguzi added their activities are aimed at creating an enjoyable working relationship between URA and its stakeholders, and are also a unique way of celebrating 30 years of developing Uganda.


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