• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | When tenants search for a new house to call home, certain features top their search list. Landlords, having a property with features that meet the tenants’ desires, can help differentiate them from the rental competition.

When landlords provide a quality place for tenants to live, they expect higher rent for the privilege of living there. What do tenants consider when searching for a house to rent? Let’s find out:

Safety and Security

A safe environment is one of many amenities tenants seek. When worried about a home break-in, it’s hard to sleep at night. Landlords should put in place safety measures, such as a watchman, double door lock or a CCTV camera, to make the houses feel safe. This explains why gated communities are on high demand.

Calm Environment

While landlords cannot control the next-door neighbours, they can control the type of tenant that occupies the property. It is not fun living with a noisy neighbour, playing loud music, quarrelsome, dirty among other behaviours. 

A tenant wants to enjoy their home in peace, so they will leave if they are uncomfortable. One bad tenant can cause your other good tenants to move out of your property.

As a landlord, introduce a quiet hours policy, especially on the weekends, to give a calm environment for all your tenants.

Parking Facilities

Adequate parking is one of the most important features to tenants in rental properties. For renters with cars, parking is incredibly important. Providing the tenant with a spot in the driveway or a garage is another bonus that will help get a property rented quickly.

Sheilah Namaweje, a property agent, says you should ask the landlord if he covered the parking facility on your monthly rent.

If there is no parking space and the parking garage is too far away from your rentals, this could be a deal-breaker for most tenants.


Tenants love houses closer to their workplace, grocery stores, restaurants, among other services. An hour-long distance to work can be a deal-breaker for tenants seeking a place to call home.

“Make sure that your house is easy to access. Be it for pedestrians or those with private vehicles at least to have a clear way which connects to the main road. It’s an additional advantage. It’s not wise to have a small pathway when you’re expecting clients with vehicles,” Florence Bbale, a property manager, says.

Adequate Storage Space

Besides the actual house itself, tenants need storage space in the rooms. As a landlord, provide closets in the bedrooms, or you can also offer storage in the lobby. The cabinet gives the tenant more space within their home, creating a more enjoyable living experience.

Outdoor Space

Tenants love an outdoor space with a private backyard or balcony. If landlords can provide space for the tenant to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, they will attract more tenants.

“There are common facilities a landlord must put in place to attract the tenant so that they feel at home even if they are renting, but sometimes they ignore them yet they need money at the end of the month,” says Bbale.

According to Ms Christine Mutibwa, a tenant in Kampala, when looking for an apartment, she looks out for spacious and easy to clean rooms.

“I was lucky that time I needed a place to rent, a friend of mine got me a house with everything that I wanted. The kitchen had simple surfaces, shelves and cabinets which are so easy to clean,” Christine says.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your chances of finding good tenants, note that lack of basic amenities such as compound space, indoor toilet and having power during daytime can cause discomfort. Tenants will always look for better apartments/rentals.


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