• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Where Should You Invest, Real estate or Gold?

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Investment can be profitable if you choose to invest in the right business. Different ventures involve different needs, purposes, and risks. Many people have shown interest in gold deals and real estate as long-term investments.

Although gold can be flexible over investment size or the amount and is highly liquid, real estate also scores high, and if approached rightly, it is profitable.

Real estate being property, is a stable investment option with low risk. 

Gold, however, is a commodity with vitality and risks of being stolen. Several people have made huge losses in the gold business because of fraud.

The Managing Director of Avanta India says, “real estate has the potential; to create regular income with additional tax benefits. Whether residential or commercial, real estate has the potential to generate passive income for investors in the form of monthly rentals in cash which gold investments cannot do.”

Real estate is also diverse, and although it might require many funds, the survival of many sectors depends on it.

It creates several formal and employment opportunities hence improving the economy.

Therefore, real estate is not only a safe investment but can also generate better returns over some time.

With real estate, you can build equity for the future. Equity is an asset, and as the equity increases, you increase your cash flow.

Real estate also enables one to earn passive income. For example, one doesn’t need to supervise or be present for rentals to accumulate income.

Real estate also enables one to indulge their entrepreneurial spirit since it has many options. One may purchase a single-family home, rent it out and collect monthly rent, while another may buy a mall and rent it out to salons, restaurants, and stores.

However, while indulging in the real estate business, one must be mindful of other factors such as location. A home on a busy street, although affordable, may not be as appreciative as one on a quiet side street.

Real estate, therefore, is a more preferred investment as it has been weighed to be more advantageous than the risky gold deals.


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