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Why Landscape Design is Ideal for Your Home

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Having a beautiful home is everyone’s dream, but it is not only the property structure that is important. To have an attractive modern home, you must consider the landscape design and bring your imagination to reality. Having a well-landscaped compound changes the entire look and feel of your property. 

Landscape design entails changing visible features of your land, such as a garden or open space, to make your home more attractive and livable. And there are a few reasons you should consider investing in landscape design for your home.

Increases your Property Value

Landscape design can help boost the value of your home to buyers. In fact, It is estimated that professional landscaping can increase a property’s value by 10 to 12 per cent.

For business owners in the real estate industry who own apartments, rentals, and so on, landscape design makes your property more appealing to tenants. Beautiful landscaping can not only help you get tenants faster, happier tenants are likely to stay longer. 

Outdoor lighting, the landscape and colours you use will enhance the curb appeal of your house. The general attractiveness of a house is referred to as curb appeal.

Privatise and Control your Compound

A landscape-designed home can assist you in planning how to privatise and control activities on your property. It’s a stress reliever to control how your landscape looks and avoid cases of trespassing.

A modern house's green backyard.
A modern house’s green backyard. Image courtesy of Pinterest
Utility Costs Reduced

Yes, landscape design can help you save money on your utility bills, as can aid in the energy-efficiency of your home. For example, strategically placed trees provide shade and help cool the environment on hot days, limiting the frequent use of an air conditioner. Further, trees can also provide windbreaks.

Landscaping will also help with stormwater management, allowing for proper drainage to prevent flooding during heavy rains.

Eco-friendly Environment 

Landscape design allows you to make your home environment more friendly. It helps reduce carbon footprints because the materials used to design your patio or driveway are environmentally friendly. A healthy environment supports a good way of life.

A lovely view of a Pergola from a modern house's balcony.
A lovely view of a Pergola from a modern house’s balcony. Image courtesy of One Kindesign.
Mitigate Environmental Change

Designing your landscape prevents environmental changes that could destroy your home or soil. Green grass, for example, would aid in soil erosion protection, and planting trees in windy areas would help in climate change mitigation; a green environment reduces environmental toxins and air pollution, among others.

Space Management

Landscape designing encourages homeowners to maximize their outdoor space by designing a garden, a swimming pool area, or building a pergola, among others.

You can create a beautiful space for your family and friends to relax on weekends, have late nights, have barbecue evenings or a girls’ day out at home.


Landscape Design
A modern home with a nice curb appeal. Image courtesy of Yelp.


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