• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | On 7th June 2021, the Parliament of Uganda made a deal to spend USh 9.8 billion annually renting office space for members of parliament at the Kingdom Kampala mall. Under the arrangement, the government would pay USh 18 – 20 billion in rent over two years as the MPs await completion of their new chambers.

The Parliamentary Commission has also signed another contract with Kingdom Kampala Ltd to partition the space into required offices at a separate, undisclosed cost. 

However, it appears the deal is now in question. The Inspectorate of Government (IGG) and the Public Procurement and Disposal Authority (PPDA) have received a petition from one Mr Jonas Tumushabe to investigate the arrangement between the parliament and businessman and property mogul Dr Sudhir Ruparelia, with a view to cancel it. 

The petition emphasizes that an investigation into the procurement process must occur. Mr Tumushabe stressed that the procurement was not open to the public, and “the premises were sourced at the motion of a few individuals with selfish/vested interest.” 

“The nature of the procurement was obviously in contravention of procurement laws and disadvantaged others who could have picked interest and perhaps provided better premises in terms of suitability and proximity and even at a cheaper rate,” he added.

In response, Mr Chris Obore, Parliament’s Head of Communications, said, “I do not have adequate information about that matter. But since other organs of government have been petitioned, let’s trust them to do the right job.”

The new MP’s chambers were scheduled for completion this year. However, the Covid pandemic caused a delay. 

ROKO would construct the new chambers worth Shs 206 billion. The chambers expect to house 600 MPs. Hence, the government has decided to rent wings in the Kingdom Kampala building to provide offices for 323 MPs, and the remaining 206 MPs will stay in the parliament’s main building. 

About Kingdom Kampala Mall

Kingdom Kampala, a popular mall and shopping complex, is one of many properties owned by the Ruparelia Group. The complex is a multipurpose space in the epicentre of Kampala. The property is conveniently between Kampala’s three busiest roads: Nile Avenue, Yusuf Lule Road, and Dewinton Road. 

Kingdom Kampala Mall will be extended to have a 200-room hotel. The project will start in 2023 and be completed in 2026.


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