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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom Look Without Breaking the Bank

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Are you tired of your bathroom looking outdated, with ageing fixtures and out-of-style finishes making it less appealing, but you don’t have the budget for a full renovation?

We have collected some great ideas to help you upgrade your bathroom to make it more attractive, without costing you a fortune. Here are some tips from real estate experts on how to upgrade your bathroom to make it look sleek and expensive, without breaking the bank.

Declutter and Go Minimalist

Minimalist decor and decreased clutter is a great way to make your bathroom look more expensive. It gives a feeling of space and cleanliness. 

“Declutter –  just like in any other room, clutter will cheapen the look of a bathroom. How many half-empty bottles of body wash or shampoo does anyone really need out and in view? Keeping the sink-top clear and the bathtub/shower stocked with only the necessities is a great way to declutter. If the bathroom looks cleaner and less busy, it elevates the whole look.” Steve Gottlieb, agent for Warburg Realty

Therefore, organise all bathroom contents in drawers and discard old or unnecessary items that detract from the appearance of your bathroom. 

If your bathroom is dark and has few to no windows, adding fresh-cut flowers with a fresh scent helps create a luxurious atmosphere. Keep in mind that your bathroom should appear clean, fresh, and airy.

Upgrade Your Bathroom
Simple minimalist bathroom décor without clutter. Source: Interior Design Ideas
Replace Your Shower Curtain with Glass

Replacing your old shower curtain with glass doors will make your entire bathroom appear renovated. Such doors come in all shapes and sizes.

An installed glass door in the bathroom
Double Dual Swinging Bathtub Doors | Source: Dulles Glass 
An installed glass door in the bathroom
Bifold, Frameless Glass Bathtub Doors | Image source: Ezable

Change the Hardware, Tiles and Fixtures

When replacing bathroom hardware, plain and spotless chrome finishes are less expensive and last longer than satin nickel and antique brasses. Porcelain tiles will help you save money. 

White subway tiles can provide a marble-like appearance, while porcelain tiles can create a natural stone appearance that will improve the bathroom look.

However if such a renovation is outside of your budget, updating accessories such as hand towel rings, medicine chests, and towel rods, among others, will go a long way to help brighten the appearance of your bathroom at minimal cost. 

Use a light colour paint to complement and complete the overall look.

A man is laying tiles on the floor of a bathroom.
A man is laying tiles on the floor of a bathroom. Source: Inner City Skyline
Try New Accessories

Decorating your bathroom by hanging art and adding a nice colourful small bath mat or rug can do the trick. You can complete the look with some fluffy towels and new soaps, pretty soap dishes, and soft incandescent lighting.

Tasteful bathroom art
Tasteful bathroom art. Source: Chairish
Reglaze Surfaces

Reglazing, sometimes called resurfacing or refinishing, involves a professional coming to your home and, after a deep cleaning of the bathroom in question, spraying a very thin, opaque, gleaming coat of enamel across the tile, sink, tub, or all of the above—wholly transforming the room in a matter of hours.

Bathtub & Tile Reglazing
Bathtub & Tile Reglazing | Source: Tri-Star Reglazing Corp.
Upgrade Your Bathroom Products

In terms of time and cost, changing your products is a faster and less expensive option that can help elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. For example, putting soaps and lotions from international luxury brands in your bathroom would be beneficial besides your regular purchased products.

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