• Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

7 Things to do in Your Apartment Before Going on Vacation

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | The festive season is almost upon us, and many people are planning getaways. It could be a vacation within Uganda, perhaps somewhere else on the continent or abroad.

Whatever your plans are for the holidays, there are a few things you should do if you want to rest easy while on vacation, without worrying about what’s happening to your house. 

Let’s discuss them below.

Tell your Landlord

It is wise to tell your landlord about your holiday, especially if you plan on being away for a significant amount of time. Most rental agreements come with a clause that requires you to tell your landlord about any vacation plans. So read your agreement, then give your landlord a brief description of when you’re leaving and when you will be back.

Parking Situation

If you own a car and you’re leaving it behind, best you park it appropriately before you go. Remove all the valuables and roll up your windows. Also, ensure you park it in an out-of-the-way spot. It wouldn’t be very neighbourly to use a prime parking space if you’re not around to make use of it.

Arrange for Pet Care

For those of you with pets, if you plan to leave them behind, arrange for pet care with friends, family or a kennel. Leave clear instructions on how to feed and medicate your pets.

Ask a Friend or Neighbour to Check on Things While Away

This is especially relevant for people with houseplants. Before taking off on holiday, thoroughly shower your plants to prevent them from dying off while you are off on holiday. You can also arrange for a neighbour or good friend to come over occasionally, to water your plants, and ensure that everything is as it should be. Besides, if someone checks on things daily, your house will look live-in, reducing the likelihood of burglary.

Unplug Electronics

We love our electronics, but if you will not be around to use them, it’s best to unplug them, so you don’t incur unnecessary power expenses, as electronics left plugged in draws power.

Clean the Place

If you leave your place unclean or dusty, you’re bound to find it even more filthy than you left it. A filthy house is a magnet for critters, which can encourage bugs to settle, and sometimes breed bacteria. So wash all your laundry, put away all your dishes, clean, take out the trash, consume all the perishable food, and wipe down everything. You’ll be glad when you don’t have to deal with a dirty place once you’re back.

Have Someone Stay Over

You could also opt for someone to stay over and watch the place while you’re away. This would save you a lot of the trouble you would have to go through to ensure everything is in place before you leave.

Once everything is in place, you can go away and enjoy your holiday, knowing all is safe and taken care of back home.


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