• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | For the past decade, the Property Show on NTV has played a pivotal role as a source of inspiration and information for property developers, homeowners, and the real estate sector at large. Christabel K Musiime, the show’s host, reflects on its remarkable journey and the positive impact it has had on Uganda’s real estate landscape.

“It is always encouraging when I meet someone, and they tell me their dream home was inspired by the show. I have met many people who say they picked great ideas from the show and have since become ardent viewers of the show, which airs every Sunday,” Christabel K Musiime shares.

Achievements: Revolutionising Housing Designs and Construction

Musiime emphasises that the show’s most significant achievement lies in its contribution to liberating the housing sector from outdated designs and construction methods.

In a rapidly evolving economy with a growing real estate market, demand for better living and working environments has surged.

Consumers now expect more comprehensive and customised value-added services beyond the basics.

The Property Show, in collaboration with other stakeholders, has played a leading role in navigating this paradigm shift and showcasing innovative architectural and construction designs.

It has been instrumental in influencing the narrative and addressing the housing deficit issue in Uganda.

Musiime points out, “We championed a cause on affordable housing and we are glad to see more than seven developers putting up houses in the affordable housing category. We have played a huge part in steering the conversation around the landlord-tenant bill and showcased areas that have played a role in improving the way housing is perceived today.”

Sustainability in Housing

Sustainability is a critical issue in the global housing sector, and the Property Show has been at the forefront of championing sustainable practices.

Sustainable housing emphasises environmentally friendly, high-tech architecture that aims to reduce the negative impact on the environment through efficient use of materials, energy, space, and the ecosystem.

The show’s “green pavilion” spotlights innovators in the field of sustainability, promoting products for household use that prioritise environmental conservation and efficient resource utilisation.

The Homes Expo: A Decade of Connecting Real Estate Developers

As the show marks its tenth housing expo, it celebrates its role in connecting real estate developers from the region and across the world.

The expo provides a platform for direct discussions on real estate-related matters, including buying, renting, mortgages, taxes, and investments.

Stakeholders seize the opportunity to acquire new clients and investors while getting acquainted with major real estate developers and agencies.

The expo doesn’t stop at real estate discussions. It also offers an interior designing master class, exposing visitors to modern interior design trends.

“Majority of our exhibitors this year are introducing some of their latest products and technologies in the interior and construction process. The visitors shall also be treated to cuisine and diet sessions for nutritious homes as a lifestyle drive,” says Musiime.

The home expos promise exciting and innovative-driven experience, featuring more than 90 leading players in the real estate sector.

Property developers, paint manufacturers, gardeners, interior designers, the mortgage industry, smart home solution providers, sanitary ware, and tile brands, among others, are always present.

This year’s theme has been, *Inspiring a Sustainable and Environment-Friendly Housing Sector*, aligning with the ongoing efforts to drive sustainability in the real estate sector.

The Property Show, under the guidance of Christabel K. Musiime, continues to inspire, inform, and lead the way toward a more sustainable and vibrant real estate sector in Uganda.



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