• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Apaa | Real Muloodi News | Adjumani District officials are protesting against President Museveni’s decision to suspend the eviction of settlers on Apaa land, a disputed area bordering Amuru district in Uganda.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja had issued a directive giving the residents of Apaa a 90-day ultimatum to vacate the land or face forceful eviction, which had sparked protests from leaders in the Acholi Sub-region.

However, during a tour of the region, President Museveni overturned Nabbanja’s directive, saying that a Judicial Commission of Inquiry comprising judges would be formed to resolve the dispute over Apaa.

The decision to suspend the cabinet directive by President Museveni has been criticised by the Adjumani District officials.

Ben Anyama, the Adjumani District chairperson, has stated that the president’s decision is unnecessary, and there is a need to respect the government’s previous and recent decisions on the disputed land.

Anyama further added that the government’s failure to implement the previous decisions by the cabinet has continued to escalate tensions, resulting in the loss of lives and property.

The conflict over Apaa land began in 2012 when Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers forcefully evicted locals from the area.

The government claims that the land is part of the East Madi Wildlife Reserve and Zoka Central Forest Reserve, which were gazetted in 2002.

In a bid to evict the locals from the land, the government had earmarked USh2.5 billion to compensate the evictees, with each receiving USh10 million in cash, 20 iron sheets, and 20 bags of cement to enable them to relocate to other places.

Robert Dramwi, the LC3 chairperson of the Ofua Sub-County, has appealed to the president to rescind his directive on Apaa land and allow the cabinet decision to prevail.

Dramwi believes that the government is taking the patience of the Madi people for granted, and they need a lasting solution to the protracted land dispute between Amuru and Adjumani districts.

Thus, the formation of a Judicial Commission of Inquiry comprising judges is expected to help the Ugandan government in making decisions over Apaa.


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