• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Allegations Surface against Uganda Baati Head of Sales for Employee Mistreatment

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Mr Sateesh Yamsani, the Head of Sales at Uganda Baati Ltd, is facing allegations of mistreating employees within the company.

Uganda Baati, founded in 1964, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of roofing sheets in Uganda. The company’s reputation and legacy are at risk if the reported misconduct by Mr Sateesh is not addressed.

Disgruntled employees accuse him of violating their rights through racism, disrespect, creating job insecurity, and issuing constant dismissal threats.

An anonymous employee expressed concerns about Mr Sateesh’s poor management skills and his use of threats to govern his subordinates.

“Everytime he tells us that we shall fire you. He has made the situation here unbearable. Recently, one of the managers tendered in his resignation because this man was threatening him a lot,” the discontented employee narrates.

“He has created that job insecurity feeling in the company and everyone thinks he is his next victim,” he added.

The employee stated that he frequently threatens them with termination, making the working environment unbearable. Another manager even resigned due to constant threats.

Mr Sateesh has created a sense of job insecurity, leaving employees fearful that they could be the next target.

Employees also accuse Mr Sateesh of impacting the company’s sales negatively. They claim that he sells company products based on personal decisions, providing discounts to fellow Indians while inflating prices for Ugandans.

Moreover, they state that Mr Sateesh lacks respect for employees.

“He gives out the products to his fellow Indians at give away prices but when it comes to Ugandans, he inflates the prices. We are seriously losing out on good clients,” another employee complained.

“We have lost morale to market the company products due to his behaviors. He doesn’t respect any employee, he shouts at us in front of customers,” he added.

When contacted regarding the allegations, Mr Sateesh dismissed them as blackmail, denying the mistreatment of workers.

He stated that all customers are treated equally and invited independent investigations to verify the claims made against him.


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