• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

UGANDA, Arua | Real Muloodi News | The Arua City Council has approved a draft Physical Development Plan (PDP), which will serve as a comprehensive and coordinated framework to guide land use and development in the city.

A PDP outlines the vision, goals and objectives for the city’s future development and provides specific guidance on land use, housing, open spaces, community facilities, and infrastructure.

The plan, which was on display for a mandatory 90-day display period to allow public feedback, covers an area of 401.8 sq km and was developed by the Global Green Growth Institute and Mott MacDonald.

Having a PDP in place is crucial for several reasons. It provides clarity on land use and prevents conflicting uses, attracts investment, protects natural and cultural resources, and facilitates informed decision-making by city officials, developers, and the community.

During an extraordinary council meeting on Thursday February 2, 2023, Samuel Wafula, an urban planning specialist at Mott MacDonald, presented the plan and noted that they had received numerous comments from key stakeholders and made necessary adjustments where possible.

The draft plan includes 76 km of new roads to complement the existing 206 km access roads, as well as inner and outer ring roads of 25.7 km and 10.6 km, respectively. It also aims to address the encroachment of wetlands in the city and proposes the creation of playgrounds in every ward, open spaces in every cell, and at least four stadiums.

Mayor James Adiga explains that the plan will help organise the city. A well-planned and managed city is more attractive to investors and offers a clear vision of the future and a stable investment environment. Youth councilor Doreen Onyiru agrees that the approval is timely.

Councilor Godfrey Anguyo called for increased public awareness, and Senior Physical Planner Moses Findru challenged leaders to take the lead in implementing the plan once it is approved by the National Physical Planning Board.

According to the Physical Planning Act, any physical development plan must be presented to and discussed by the appropriate committee, and if adopted, it must be presented to the local government council. The approved plan awaits final approval by the National Physical Planning Board and is expected to be implemented from 2022 to 2040.


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