• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi NewsIn the latest development in the war between Buganda Land (BLB) and real estate muloodi Hamis Kiggundu (Ham), BLB is seeking to have two more of the tycoon’s leases canceled. If BLB’s request is granted, Ham could lose part of Ham Towers situated at Makerere Hill Road, opposite Makerere University.

BLB’s move follows a yet-to-be-resolved impasse over 140 acres of land at Kigo in Wakiso District, in which BLB had also petitioned the Commissioner Land Registration (CLR) to cancel.

BLB boss, Simon Kabogoza, wrote to the Commissioner of Land Registration on December 6, 2022, to request his office expedite the cancellation of Block 9 Plot 923, where Kigundu’s Ham Towers stands, as well as Plots 924 and 925.

“Those plots are private Milo titles which were illegally created on Kabaka’s official Mailo, which is Block 9 Plot 440,’’ Kabogoza’s letter reads.

“The illegal titles were created as a result of illegally sub-dividing Plot 440 on Block 9. Plot 440 on Block 9 was formerly Katikkiroship land which was returned to the Kabaka,’’ Kabogoza adds.

In the same letter, Mr Kabogoza says another unidentified person acquired LRV folio 4. This title was issued out of Kabaka’s official Mailo of Block 254 Plot 82, which Mr Kabogoza says was done illegally.

“The illegality with this issuance was that it was issued by Kampala City Council, yet the rightful controlling authority was Uganda Lands Commission. We think that these are fundamental errors that require rectification of the register,” Mr Kabogoza says.

BLB says the concerns were first raised in writing to Mr Kiggundu, but he didn’t respond.

According to Mr Kabogoza, Kigundu’s title is part of the package that President Museveni returned to Mengo.

BLB is also seeking cancellation of Block 254 plot 82, Kansanga.

BLB says in August 2016, the then chief executive of the BLB, Mr Male Kyewalabye, wrote to Mr Kiggundu, asking him to regularise his ownership of the land, especially on Plot 923 where part of Ham Towers sits.

“We request you to regularise your tenancy with the landlord on the above land,” wrote Mr Kyewalabye, adding, “We shall be available to engage with you anytime on September 16, 2016.”

Mr Dennis Bugaya, the BLB spokesperson, told the media that all people who have illegally acquired land titles on the kingdom land should go to Buganda Land Board and regularise their tenancy.

“When negotiations fail, we then resort to petitioning the Ministry of Lands for cancellation. In the matter of Mr Kiggundu, we first talked to him and he was non-responsive. We then petitioned for cancellation and we are optimistic that the commissioner/ministry will soon start the cancellation process,” he said, adding, “We have been following up on this matter regularly and we hope the cancellation process will start soon.”

While the Ag Commissioner of Land Registration, Mr Baker Mugaino was not available for comment. Mr Dennis Obbo, the Lands ministry spokesperson, advised he is verifying the status of the request by BBL.

“It will require checking the system to verify the information against what is in it and the old physical file,” said Mr Obbo.


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