• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Hamis Kiggundu Land Wrangle over Kigo Land Continues

UGANDA, Wakiso | Real Muloodi News | **Editor’s note** This article has been amended to include a copy of the letter by Ham’s lawyers Muwema and Co. Advocates.**

Only a few weeks after tycoon Hamis Kiggundu pulled out of the Kigo land case in attempt to preserve his relationship with the Kabaka, he has stood fast against claims made by the Buganda Land Board.

One month ago, the city businessman, popularly known as Ham, announced, “Effective today, I have abandoned the land despite having acquired it in the right procedures. I leave it for the Kingdom in good faith, and you will never hear me again contest for it. I have abandoned the land to preserve my respect as a Muganda.”

After Ham decided to pull out from the land wrangle, the Buganda Land Board applied to the Land Registration Commissioner, John Karuhanga, to cancel the land titles for the Kigo land in Ham’s possession.

Subsequently, on April 24th, Commissioner John Karuhanga appealed to Ham’s company, Kiham Enterprises Uganda Limited, to abide by the application request. 

However, the tycoon has declined the application made by the Buganda Land Board. Through his lawyers, Muwema and Co. Advocates, Ham claims that the commissioner’s notice did not include a copy of the complaint and survey report which they require to support their comprehensive objection.

They also refuted the Buganda Land Board’s allegations that Ham Kiggundu under Kiham Enterprises Ltd had obtained the land fraudulently.

“Our client categorically denies the allegation conveyed in the said notice in particular, that is subject freehold land titles were created over the complainant’s earlier existing mailo land titles,” as quoted from a statement from April 27th, 2022.

The statement adds: “Our client takes strong exception to the said unfounded allegations which are lacking in factual and legal basis.”

Kiggundu’s lawyers have insisted that the Commissioner for land registration should provide the said missing documents so they can respond appropriately.

Following the release of the statement, the media has been awash with allegations that this action is an about-face by the property tycoon. Media outlets are accusing Ham of reigniting the battle with the Kabaka.

However, the letter by Ham’s lawyers Muwema and Co. Advocates, in full below, makes no indication that this is the case:


Since March when Ham entered into talks with the Buganda Land Board Team, he has requested that surveyors open up the boundaries on the contested land to demarcate his land and that of Buganda Kingdom. However at the time of the talks, Buganda Land Board rejected the idea.

Further, Ham has always insisted he purchased the land legally, and has fervently denied all allegations of fraud.

Ham clearly stated that his decision to walk away from the disputed land was out of respect for Kabaka, and to avoid confrontation with Buganda Kingdom; not an admission that he had entered into any wrong-doing. 

The business mogul further expressed his dissatisfaction with the manner in which the matter had been handled, however, he would not fight for that land anymore to preserve his respect as a Muganda and a Muslim.

Therefore, it is only fitting that the real estate muloodi continues to defend his reputation and that of his business. Such action is just, and should not be assumed as an indication of disrespect or an intention to fight the Kabaka, as some media outlets are claiming.

The land in question is on block 273, plots 23974, 23975, 23976, and 23977 between Serena Kigo and Mirembe villas.

Earlier on, in March 2022, the city tycoon revealed that his company Kiham Enterprises Ltd was in the advanced planning stages of constructing a multi-billion dollar sports entity on the contested Kigo land, which would be known as Hams Sports Club, Kigo.


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