• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | The Buganda Kingdom is modernising its Ssaza and Gombolola land to increase its value and promote economic development.

This is at the behest of the Kabaka of Buganda, who in 2014 called for the development, re-development, and modernisation of all Ssaza and Gombolola land, arguing that ‘Kingdom land cannot be left undeveloped’.

The land had been confiscated by the Milton Obote government in 1966 and returned to the Buganda Kingdom in 2013 after an agreement with the central government.

Since then, the kingdom has embarked on various development projects through kingdom entities like the Buganda Land Board and Buganda Investments and Commercial Undertakings Limited (BICUL) .

According to Owek Joseph Kawuki, Buganda’s State Minister for Local Government, the development projects are taken through a rigorous bottom-up process.

Kabaka’s chiefs are asked to come up with development proposals, which are then taken through the Kingdom’s incubation centre and forwarded to the concerned minister.

The minister then takes the proposed projects to Buganda’s cabinet for approval, and approved projects are shared with Kabaka for final approval.

Several projects have sprung up across the kingdom, aimed at renovating the Ssaza and Gombolola infrastructure. They include the renovation of Pookino’s house in Buddu, Lumaama’s house in Mawogola, Katambala’s house in Butambala, Lukiiko hall at Bukomero (Ssingo), Kiringa Ente (Mawokota), modern offices at Busujju Ssaza headquarters, and a new Lukiiko hall at Ssaabaddu-Kira.

In addition to renovating the infrastructure, Buganda is building various health centres in different areas to help Kabaka’s people access quality and affordable healthcare.

Hospitals are being built at Mumyuuka Busimbi-Ssingo, Mituba III Mukungwe-Buddu, Nyenga-Kyaggwe.

A modern market is also being built at Maddu-Gomba.

The most recent development project undertaken by the Buganda Kingdom is at Kasanje Gombolola headquarters. The Kasanje project will be used as a model of development for pre-urban areas.

The land at Kasanje is going to be developed with a keen interest in environmental conservation, with a forest reserve, youth centre, police station, modern community abattoir, and vocational skilling centre, among others.

The Kingdom plans to pave roads in Kasanje to ensure that those who intend to settle in the area have access roads. The project will also improve the physical planning of the area to avoid the proliferation of slums. This will go a long way in exhibiting how Buganda entities can peacefully co-exist with central government organs while also conserving the environment.

According to Mr Gilbert Kasakya and Ms Margret Nanyonga, some of the Kasanje residents, these developments are welcome because they increase the value of the area.

“More investors will be attracted to this area, which will create more jobe for our young people,” said Nanyonga, further noting that this move will prevent land grabbers from grabbing Buganda’s land.

The development projects will not only improve the infrastructure but also promote economic development and raise the standard of living for the people.

Buganda’s development agenda also consists of building commercials in urban counties. Owembuya commercial building at Kasangati, Ndiwulira commercial building at Mituba III Makindye, and Mirembe Estate-Sentema are among the developments implemented for commercial purposes.


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