• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Ugandans in the Diaspora Can Own Affordable Homes in Mirembe Estates Sentema

UGANDA, Sentema | Real Muloodi News | Many Ugandans in the diaspora can testify that purchasing a property or affordable homes can be stressful. Diaspora refers to citizens who freely choose to live in other parts of the world, be it for education or to work for better-living conditions.

There are approximately 1.5 million Ugandans in the diaspora, according to the United Nations Human Development Report 2009. According to estimates from the World Bank and the Bank of Uganda, Ugandans have sent home billions of dollars in the last three years.

Those in the diaspora sent US$1.4 billion home in 2017, although that figure is recently reducing because of the COVID-19 global economic downturn. However, remittances from Uganda’s diaspora remained the country’s greatest source of foreign exchange revenues, accounting for 5% of the country’s GDP.

Many people in the diaspora still identify with their homeland either culturally, spiritually or economically. After achieving set goals abroad, some Ugandans intend to return home and buy a property or a home. Nancy Kasana was one such person.

Nancy Kasana’s dream was to own a home where she could raise her two boys. However, her boyfriend abandoned Nancy and her sons. To help achieve her vision, she sought work abroad.  

Nancy went to Dubai and worked as a cleaner. She left the boys under her mother’s care. Nancy thought this job would give her and the boys a fresh start. She trusted her friend to buy her a plot of land and build her a two-bedroom house. However, that decision was Nancy’s worst mistake.

She sent her friend money to buy a plot of land and more to build her a house. She later learned that the friend had duped her yet she had forwarded Nancy fake pictures and videos of the project.

The case is in court now. Nancy provided proof that the friend received the money for the plot and house and hopes to get justice.

Many people in the diaspora hope to return home someday to a beautiful home worthy of their investment. They believe that owning a home, or real estate property is the way to keep their money in the chain. They are not wrong.

However, the biggest fear of anyone in the diaspora is betrayal from someone back home with their hard-earned money. Just like Nancy, some are cheated by the people they trust. Some are simply dishonest, while others have no experience or expertise in what’s asked of them.

People in the diaspora may reduce their level of frustration if they work with respectable real estate companies that sell homes in planned communities. Dealing with legitimate companies can provide you with a sense of security and value for your property. One such company is Guoji Group, developers of affordable Mirembe Estate in Sentema, Wakiso District. Real Muloodi News recently published an article about the Mirembe Estate’s launch.

The homes in Mirembe Estate range from one-bedroom to three-bedroom fully furnished bungalows and, being aimed at lower income earners, range in price from 65 to 135 million shillings.

Moreover, it helps to avoid endless calls to the relatives wondering if they can look for a plot and build on your behalf only to return to a wetland or no home at all. Instead, book a house in the Mirembe estate and surprise them.

A construction project is a lot of work, especially when one has no experience in doing so. You might end up losing valuable time, effort, and money.

Willy Mutenza, the chairperson of the Uganda Convention in the United Kingdom, agrees that purchasing affordable homes in Uganda is filled with risks. Dishonest friends and family members are one thing. Agents or brokers can also hike prices of a property to take advantage.

However, many people abroad can buy affordable homes in legit real estate companies that deal in property development. It’s a great place to start.


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