• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

UGANDA, Mbale Real Muloodi NewsBugisu Cooperative Union has set aside USh5.1 billion to transform Mbale’s Musundi House property into a 5-star hotel.

One of the oldest and tallest in the Central Business District, the structure will be refurbished and converted from a commercial facility to a cutting-edge hotel called Masaba Hotel and Apartments.

Musundi House
An artistic expression of the Bugisu Cooperative Union 5-Star Hotel. Image source: The Independent

The contract has been awarded to Mt. Elgon Property Development Limited, which has been given a 12-month deadline to finish the work. Nathan Nandala Mafabi, Chairperson of the Bugisu Cooperative Union Board, believes that the building would be the greatest in Mbale City once completed.

Nandala said the board has faith in the contractors and is optimistic that the refurbishment will be finished within the specified period. Bugisu Cooperative Union removed all occupants from Musundi House before construction.

According to John Musila, vice-chairperson of the Bugisu Cooperative Union Board, Musundi House is a historical landmark that preserves the union’s past as a farmers’ organisation. He warns the contractors against substandard work.

According to Eng. Stanley Watenga of Mt. Elgon Property Development Limited, the concept of converting Bugisu Cooperative Union’s Musundi House into a hotel began three years ago. Nonetheless, the project’s launch was delayed due to COVID-19 constraints.

Watenga claims that they spent a year and a half consulting and investigating the best way to carry out the building project. He verified that construction began in early February.

One of the elders in Bugisu Cooperative Union, Peter Weduku, applauded the idea, stating it will embellish Mbale and generate more funds for the cooperative union.


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