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Build a Simple Three-bedroom Bungalow with a Provision for Another Bedroom or Storage

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | According to research, the national average household size in Uganda is 4.7 people. Overpopulation has led to land scarcity in urban areas. That’s why it is recommendable to utilize the piece of land you have to the fullest. Building a simple three-bedroom bungalow with a provision for another bedroom and storage is one way of solving congestion problems, especially if you have a small piece of land.

Building a Simple Three-bedroom bungalow
Building a simple three-bedroom bungalow, Image source: Pinoy House Plans

We should also note that not everyone wants to live in a big house. Some people would rather have a small bungalow with all the facilities. If you are looking for an affordable house design to build, you can follow this plan from Pinoy House Plans for your home or a rental property.

This bungalow is constructed on a narrow floor plan that has been extended. If your land is limited, you can search for suitable designs for the shape and size.

This is a three-bedroom bungalow with a sizeable free-flowing space for a living room, a hall and a dining area. The house has two toilets and baths, a spacious kitchen, a storeroom in the back portion and a laundry room.

Three-bedroom bungalow plan
Three-bedroom bungalow plan. Image source: Pinoy House Plans

You can always remodel the floor plan to add another bedroom or storage if you wish.

This bungalow has an attractive facade because of its window designs, the door and three large pillars where lamps are installed.

Glass doors and windows are always admirable because they give the house natural light, making the interior brighter and exuding a lot of positive energy.

Three-bedroom bungalow
Three-bedroom bungalow. Image source: Pinoy House Plans
Three-bedroom bungalow
Three-bedroom bungalow. Image source: Pinoy House Plans

Use a clerestory roof on your three-bedroom bungalow if you can. This roof has an interior wall built extending above one section of the roof, with this section of wall often lined with one long window or several windows. The roof sections are typically sloping, allowing natural light through the windows.

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