• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

UGANDA, Masaka | Real Muloodi News | While the Centenary name has long been associated with banking services, Centenary Rural Development Bank recently established a group structure called the Centenary Rural Development Group (Centenary Group). The Group structure provides opportunities to diversify into auxiliary business operations that complement the banking sector.

As part of this diversification strategy, the Centenary Group has created a technology company called Centenary Technology Services Limited (Cente-Tech), and has appointed Peter Kahiigi, former Director of e-Government Services at NITA Uganda, as Cente-Tech’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Peter joins Dr. Grace Ssekakubo, a seasoned IT Specialist, at Cente-Tech’s helm. Peter bears decades of highly relevant experience to accelerate Centenary Group’s technology growth strategy.

The Group’s focus on technology growth is evidenced by Peter and Dr Grace’s recent inspection of a plot in Masaka, slated for the development of a Tier 3 Data Centre.

The industry-grade data centre will be a critical asset to Centenary Group’s expansion plan, supplying secure, dependable, high bandwidth centre, cloud, and connectivity solutions to the Group’s expanding subsidiaries and client ecosystem throughout Uganda.

This data centre will be the first Tier 3 data centre outside Kampala. It is part of Centenary Group’s objective to use financial services to reduce poverty and enhance the living standard among the less privileged population.

Dr Grace Ssekakubo, speaking to the media, said the data centre’s development would be a revolutionary milestone in Centenary Group’s expansion, allowing it to extend its facilities even further to enhance the effectiveness of the Group’s affiliates and clients in the private industry.

“We believe that the planned enterprise-class, Tier 3 Data Centre will be extremely well suited to meet our customers’ needs,” she said.

Cente-Tech is dedicated to leveraging technology to advance the digital basis of the networked society sustainably, with an emphasis on Centenary Group affiliates and clients.

The data centre sector in Uganda is constantly expanding and serves several roles in the company, including data backup, connectivity, website hosting, email management, and security.

After nearly three years since their launch, Raxio Group has formally opened the Raxio Data Centre in Uganda. The data centre is a Tier 3 Certified Data Center. In Namanve Industrial & Business Park, it is a highway to Kenya through where Uganda obtains Submarine Fibre capacity and hence around eight fibre connections to Mombasa for internet transit.

The Ugandan government also maintains a Tier III data centre in Jinja, which President Museveni officially opened in 2019 as part of its effort to offer centralised hosting for its data and applications.

Uganda is anticipated to contain at least ten public and commercial data centres.

A Tier 3 data centre integrates and outperforms the features and functionality of Tiers 1 and 2, but with additional capacity and data centre infrastructure elements. The Uptime Institute developed the third level/tier of data centres. Tier 4 data centres are the most complicated and have the most significant number of extra modules.


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