• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

UGANDA, Wakiso | Real Muloodi News | On January 9, 2023, the Entebbe Chief Magistrates Court, presided over by Chief Magistrate Stella Maris Amabilis, remanded accused land thief Mr Charles Kyagaba and two of his co-accused to Kigo Prison until January 27 for offences involving intentional damage to property and land grabbing.

Kyagaba was apprehended by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit in September 2022 after allegedly demolishing Ms Margaret Kyomuhangi’s home in Ziru Village, Wakiso District, on April 23 last year.

Together with his co-accused, Kyagaba is currently facing several land-grabbing lawsuits in court.

According to the local chief state attorney Ms Janet Kitimbo, Kyagaba had earlier stated to his defence lawyers that he desires an out-of-court settlement with the complainant in this case as well as other complainants in all other instances he was charged with.

“Mr Kyagaba and Mr Kabuusu wrote to the court and copied to the prosecution, state house anti-corruption unit offices their interest to settle the cases against the victims in these cases. Upon receipt, the prosecution was open but with terms under the law, the accused persons declined to the very clear terms,” she said.

“The prosecution indicated that if the accused person is willing to forfeit the land that is not his, then he should own up in a plea bargain, he declined to own up to the charges so the prosecution cannot be part of the settlement,” she added.

Ms Kitimbo further stated that a letter received on behalf of Kyagaba from Sebanja & Co Advocates claiming that a reconciliation meeting was held at the Chief Magistrates Court on January 2, 2023, instigated by the DPP, was untrue.

“The parties who entered into the resolution are not victims in these criminal cases, court and DPP are quoted, indicated to have initiated the reconciliation which isn’t true,” she said.

Due to the volume of cases against Kyagaba and his co-accused, Ms Kitimbo urged the court to set hearing dates.

“It’s on the premises that we pray the cases are fixed for hearing as was proposed previously and given the fact that the cases are many, we have a session for these particular cases,” she said.

Kyagaba and his defence lawyer, Mr Moses Kabega, received a warning from Chief Magistrate Amabilis for circulating a rumour that Kyagaba had given her 2 acres of land in Entebbe.

“I have been hearing that the accused A1 [Kyagaba] says he gave me two acres of land, where did you give me that land? I want to know where it is, don’t use my name in your deals, leave my name out of it, I don’t know you, for me am just doing my work. Never mention my name in your deals and better tell your client to leave my name out” she said.

Mr Kabega, however, refuted the claim that he was disseminating false information about the Chief Magistrate.

“Let us correct the record, the people who are moving around with words should come here and accuse him, he is in prison, prison has a record of whoever visits him. He has not given you land and has not said such to anybody,” said the defence lawyer.

Mr Kabega requested that the court release the accused on bond.

However, state attorney Ms Kitimbo rejected the request, stating that the only reason the cases were continued to Monday, January 9, was to get a reaction on the reconciliation’s decision but not to release the defendant on bail.

Amabilis scheduled the mention of all the cases against Kyagaba and his co-accused for January 27, 2023.


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