• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Entebbe Mayor Blocks Construction along Lake Victoria Shores

UGANDA, Entebbe | Real Muloodi News | The Mayor of Entebbe Municipality, Fabrice Rulinda, has stopped a developer from reclaiming a portion of Lake Victoria for development.

The mayor acted after learning that a particular developer had prevented the general public from using the lake. To stop the water, the developer had previously placed dirt and stones. The soil was to be disposed of in Lake Victoria along the Nambi stretch in Entebbe Municipality.

Rulinda, who was escorted by the Environmental Protection Police, issued an order to stop all operations occurring around Lake Victoria at the Nambi stretch in the Entebbe Municipality immediately.

Later, Rulinda organised a meeting with all of the lakefront renters to discuss how to best utilise the lake while still allowing for public access. The meeting took place yesterday, Thursday, September 29.

Naomi Namara, the Head of Public Relations at the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), stated the proprietor had been granted a licence to establish a tourism facility along the lake coast for two years, which has passed.

“So, whatever he is doing is illegal, and we have already given him due notices, and we are going to do restoration activities,” Namara said.

Regarding the developer’s identity, all officials continue to keep quiet.

By the time of publication, vehicles and tractors were reportedly observed taking out the soil and stone boulders that had been thrown into the lake.

According to Namara, as long as a buffer zone of roughly 100 metres is maintained, one is allowed to build a tourism facility along the lake’s coast. Such a contract is open to audit and evaluation to see whether the party is abiding by the law and other established criteria.


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