• Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

NEMA Cancels Hundreds of Titles & Bans Construction of New Structures in Wetlands

UGANDA, Kalungu | Real Muloodi News | The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has issued a warning to exploitative investors who have been claiming wetlands outside of the Kampala metropolitan region, while recommending hundreds of land titles for cancellation. According to reports, the accused are constructing residences, warehouses, and industries in protected wetland areas.

According to Dr Barirega Akankwasa, the new NEMA Executive Director, no one will invest in a wetland or protected region. As part of the restructure, NEMA has halted the receiving, processing, and issuing Environment Social Impact Certificates and Wetland Permits.

The restructuring is coupled with tough conditions against those who have already acquired certificates to operate in protected areas, where a breach of the conditions will result in cancellation or legal action.

NEMA has also suggested that hundreds of land titles believed to be in wetlands be cancelled by the end of the year, 2021.

Sand miners have previously been prosecuted in Kalungu, Lwera, where sand mining has been halted at locations that do not have an Environment Impact Assessment Certificate.

The new criteria includes enforcing a ban on single-use plastics at all project locations where NEMA has awarded a certificate.

NEMA has increased its efforts to prevent environmental degradation operations, boost environmental justice systems (enforcement and prosecution), improve the Authority’s efficiency through system automation, and improve service delivery through increased public engagement.

One of the critical milestones is to enforce the law regulating the manufacturing, importation, and distribution of plastic carrier bags below 30 microns.

In collaboration with the Uganda National Bureau of Standards, NEMA would intervene to guarantee compliance with the terms of the National Environment Act and the standard for flat and carrier plastic bags.

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