• Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

UGANDA, Kampala | Real Muloodi News | Having a property management company in Kampala is essential but property management services are required in every region. There are tourist attractions all over the country, therefore, many property investors own rental accommodations in different locations.

If you wish to expand your business, extending your service area to multiple locations is the best approach. You have the exciting opportunity to give investors access to your services and develop successful business relationships.

You will need to develop a strategic plan to help you achieve your goal. You can only succeed after you have calculated all of your moves and come up with powerful tactics.

Develop a Strategic Plan

The first step in any project is creating a steady and effective plan. Usually, you will only have to ask yourself simple questions that will help you strategize, such as:

  • What are your long-term business goals?
  • Where is your business needed?
  • Which locations need your services?
  • Which regions are aligned with your marketing style?
  • What is your budget for each location?
  • Do you have the resources to expand to each location?
  • What type of rental properties do you want to focus on in each location?

These questions will help you to focus on the main goal and strengthen your plan. Uganda has multiple tourist attractions where vacation rentals could use management.

Whether it’s the Kibale National Park, Mabira Forest, or Murchison Falls National Park, you must ensure that there will be enough properties for your company to manage.

Hire a Strong Management Team

While you might already have professional employees in your company, you can’t move half of your team to a new location. You need to have new team members in each region where you expand your business.

Make sure that the people you choose have the experience and education to succeed in your company. The most crucial factor to remember is that your employees create the company you have.

Therefore, your company will be as successful and as professional as the team members you hire.

Look for people who are willing to put in the hours and effort necessary to manage properties in each location.

Once you expand your business to multiple locations, you will not be able to oversee the work each of your employees put into the company daily. Therefore, you will need to have people working for you that you trust.

Build Strong Relationships with Property Owners and Tenants

If you already have a successful property management company in a single location, you will know that having a strong and reliable relationship with property owners is important. You will need to build relationships with owners and tenants in other locations as well.

When you move on to a new location you will have to start creating new relationships with local landlords. If you wish to create new successful business relationships, you will have to prove your worth to property owners all over the country. Your clients are your source of income, therefore, make sure to demonstrate your value.

You can attract new clients by advertising online to property owners in local areas. Mark the target audiences when marketing your property management company.

Highlight the fact that your company is expanding to certain locations in advertisements. Make sure that property owners in those regions know about all of your services.

You can build strong relationships with property owners by providing them with necessary services and helping them get through legal issues, write contracts, solve maintenance problems, etc.

As for the tenants, you will need to build strong relationships to gain their trust and respect. You can do so by helping them out with their problems in vacancy.

It’s important that property managers from your company are available for important calls and emergencies.

Use Software That Can Grow as Your Business Grows

The Real Muloodi Property Network is the perfect tool to advertise properties for rent in every region of Uganda. In addition, you can add additional staff from different locations to your existing agency subscription, at no extra charge.

The Real Muloodi Property Network also Integrates seamlessly with HubSpot’s free CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

HubSpot CRM is an inbound marketing, sales, and service solution that is particularly effective for real estate businesses and one that you should strongly consider implementing.

For those who do not know HubSpot – it has all the basic features you need to manage all of your leads, contacts and deals and it is 100% free (with extra features available at an added cost).

It takes minutes to learn and makes it easy to track every detail of your business relationships.

Monitor Performance and Adjust Your Strategy as Needed

Expanding your property management firm takes a lot of time. It is a complicated process that can go on for months and even years.

Therefore, you need to monitor the process of growing your business and reaching multiple locations by ensuring that your company performs well in each location.

Review financial statements, client increases, and performance in each location to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Try out different strategies and plan around the tactics that work well for your business.

Sometimes your plan might have some faults and you may need to adjust your strategy. For example, you might need more supplies to expand to some locations.

You may have chosen a location in Uganda that has more residential rentals than vacation rentals when your focus was to work on vacation rentals.

In these cases, you will need to change your plans, adjust your budget, and add services that work better for residential rentals.


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