• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

UGANDA, Gulu | Real Muloodi News | Gulu City is one of the recently former municipalities which attained city status. It is located in Northern Uganda, a distance of about 362 km from Kampala, the capital city. Real estate developers should not miss out on opportunities with new and upcoming tourist destinations like these.

Gulu is a travel destination because of its unique features and safari packages for both national and international travellers because of its strategic location between Murchison Falls and Kidepo Valley National Parks.

Real Estate Investment

After Gulu attained city status in 2022, Samuel Otto, a real estate broker in the Gulu, noted that the price of land in and outside the city had doubled within the past six months. He said that in some areas, a plot of land which was initially at UGX 1 million is now UGX 2.4 million.

Acres of land within six kilometres from the city that used to cost UGX 3 million now cost over UGX 12 million.

Otto says that the increase in land prices is because many people now intend to build and settle in residential suburbs due to the development of the city and its plans.

Another real estate dealer in Gulu City, Godfrey Odokonyero, says that a commercial plot of 15 x 30 feet now costs UGX 250 million and a residential plot of 30×40 feet costs UGX 350 million.

Farmlands away from the city are the most affordable in Gulu, where an acre of land ranges from UGX 1.2 million to 3.5 million.

Services Gulu Offers

Gulu City is worth a tour because of the unique features and services it provides like Gulu University, a centre of excellence in the areas of academia and research in science and development studies.

Also near the city is Lacor Hospital, a Catholic church-owned and well-furnished hospital. It is one of the leading medical centres for referral and expert treatment with medical care services.

Gulu City is also a centre for regional trade through which goods and services are delivered to and from South Sudan.

The city is also known for its hotels, motels, and restaurants which prepare food rich in culture and other dishes. This provides spaces for conferences, meetings, and events.

Unique Features to Visit

Fort Patiko is another unique feature. It is located 30 km North of the city and it marks the place where Captain Lugard established his offices to make Northern Uganda part of the British colony on behalf of the Imperial British East African Company, IBEACo. This calls for attraction because it holds a lot of colonial history to be discovered.

Guru guru hill is also 30 km west of Gulu City, and it is where the anti-colonial fighters used to pitch camp during the famous Lamogi rebellion.

Kweyo Ward, a spot located 5 km away from the city, is suitable for more development offering exclusive tourism and hospitality services and also features a recreational park.

The city only needs proper planning, infrastructure development, strategic marketing and promotion to become a tourist spot like no other.


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